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17 secrets the Nigerian police will never tell a civilian (photos)


Being a Nigerian policeman or woman is far beyond what the average civilian can easily know.

There are many facets to their functions and job description, that you will only see in the pictures below through the eyes of the Nigerian police:

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1. Sometimes our job includes holding umbrellas over the heads of rich men, we do this out of love and money too.

2. Foreign rich men benefit from our umbrella carrying duties too.

3. We carry the bags of first ladies and exceptionally rich women, when you are rich enough, let us know.

4. Exceptionally handsome policemen are very important to the force, this is one of our main assets.

5. Sometimes we have to wait for people who are bluffing to finish making their calls, before arresting them.

6. Mandatory one hour of sleep is necessary for each officer daily.

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7. Sometimes we come across human skulls in the trunk of cars.

8. We perform stunts you would not believe, during duty, don’t doubt our athletic prowess.

9. We sometimes fight ourselves, it is part of training, nothing to be ashamed of.

10. Sometimes we have to beat up people. It is nothing personal, just another day in the job of law enforcement.

11. When we say you are under arrest, and you start to misbehave, we will have to carry you like a baby, so why don’t you just behave.

12. Sometimes we have to pose for a picture with arrested suspects. We do not like it, but we have to do it.

13. When you are surrounded by three of us, do not start acting up, we will have you on the ground in no time.

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14. One of the perks of the job is that we sometimes share a smile with the Nigerian president.

15. When we enter your street like this, do not be afraid, we just have natural swagger.

16. We can even multitask, praying as we hold your bags for you.

17. And never forget that the police is your friend.

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