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A waiter whose name has been withheld for security purposes, has uploaded a photo that has stirred controversy over the operation of a Chinese restaurant in Italy.

Express UK reports that the restaurant in Italy has been accused of serving human body parts after a waiter posted a photo online, allegedly taken in the kitchen, showing a bowl of what appears to be human feet.

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The stomach-churning photo shows the bloody body parts, which bear a very strong resemblance to human limbs.

The image is said to have been taken in the kitchen after customers ordered the Chinese delicacy of bear paws in the restaurant in Padua, northern Italy.

The waiter, who has not been named, posted the image of the “bear paws” online where it was spotted by one of the restaurants regular customers.

The customer then reported the image to authories and police visited the restaurant to investigate.

Authorities found no traces of bear meat in the restaurant’s kitchen, despite the dish being listed on the menu.

Instead, they discovered frogs legs and crab meat well beyond their best-before date.

Inspectors also found the fridge, floor and oven to be covered with grease.

Police consulted forensic pathologists, who said the image appears to show human feet, but the will continue to investigate the image’s origin.

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