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5 Bad Habits Nigerian Ladies Find Hard To Leave


Most Ladies if not all, are guilty of some of these habits shortlisted below…

1. Bathroom Habit

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Seeing panties and bra of different colour hanging on the wall of public bathrooms aint no new thing. A lady will be so deep in thoughts of the nice Bleep she had with her bf while bathing, and she will forget she actually entered the bathroom with pants on. My thoughts. Then you enter and see display of shrink pants and bra for sale

Even some of em who are used to washing after taking their bath, still enjoy the habit of leaving it to dry inside their bathing bowl without spreading.

2. Bedroom Habit

The fear of going to the toilet at mid-night, or the reluctant feeling to walk has caused our ladies to adopt the use of an empty custard container or paint container as their mini urine depot. And they won’t get up in time to quickly get rid of the chocking smell conc acidic liquid.

Sometimes back, I went to a lady’s room very early in the morning, to retrieve the caculator I lent her. The bad odour that oozed out from a paint container at the right corner of the entrance, greeted me goodmorning buh my legs responded quickly with a reversed gear. I almost puke.  

3. Excess Make up

The way some ladies apply foundation powder this days, you start to wonder if Gabriel will be able to recognize them when distributing blessings.

Whenever you see a lady on an heavy make up, nigga don’t get captivated. Listen to that still voice behind it saying ‘this is not my real face oo’ . Then move your eye censor down to the feet and witness the state of its maltreatment. They spend time practicing fine art on their face but to sponge their leg is a problem

4. Typing Habit

And this is so annoying, ladies abbreviate every possible word .. even the word ‘ abbreviation ‘ wasn’t abbreviated. What the heck is ”nvm, idk, cmb, fn,I ”huh. The funny one is kk’, why not just type ‘ok’ no be 2 letter word? undecided

They type as if some alphabets on their keyboard got missing!

That was how I was on chat with a young lady this morning, and I was like; hello, a lovely morning to you ..she responded with Gm‘ … Ok, ‘How was your night? …. Fn‘ sucks! I felt like punching my phone screen and wishing it’d meet her.

5. Gossiping

Gossip and ladies are synonymous

Its in their blood


website maintenance and social media management



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