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6 surprising facts about Linda Ikeji you never knew (photos)


Before the fame, Linda Ikeji had always aimed to be an independent, successful woman. After the fame, she still has goals yet to be achieved. One thing is sure for the popular blogger, she never rests until all that she dreams comes true.

Linda Ikeji was born in the year, 1980. The 36-year-old woman is the highest paid blogger in Nigeria.

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Check out 6 facts about her.

1. She is single

Single Linda

Linda Ikeji is single and searching. Despite breaking new grounds in the Nigeria media industry and achieving her dreams at a young age, on her 36th birthday, she shared a video lamenting some “lack” in a  life. The dedicated, self-made woman wishes to be a wife and a mother, a huge dream of hers that is yet to come true.

She said:  “Just that I don’t go out much and I don’t get to meet people. Until two weeks ago, in the last 6 years, since 2010, I work from home. On weekends, I go to very specific places with very specific people. So, I don’t hang out where I can find guys. Now, I have told all my friends to start introducing me to single guys so that I can have some options. Hopefully very soon, I am going to find someone. I am going to come out more and hang out more.”

Who will save the princess from her castle?

2. Young Ikeji

Young Linda with her sister

Linda had humble beginnings. She was born into a Catholic family and is the second child. She is from Imo state. The eastern beauty has grown from the little pink-and-white-flowery-dress-wearing girl into a thriving business woman.

3. Friends with Denrele

Before and after of Linda with bff, Denrele

Miss Ikeji got her English degree from University of Lagos, the same school attended by media personality, Denrele Edun. Surprisingly, they became friends back in uni and have remained close since.

4. She was a model

Linda posing as a model

When the hustle started for Linda, it started with her trying different things to achieve success. One of her first jobs was modeling. As a model, she worked with different agencies and even started her own company, Black Dove. Yes, she always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

5. Started blogging in 2006

Linda during the “hustling” days

After graduation from university, Linda quickly picked up blogging. It was at a time when blogging and the internet weren’t as predominant as they are now. So naturally, she struggled before making it big and now is known as Africa’s number one blogger.

6. Queendom

Lind sitting in one of the rooms in her banana island mansion

Everything is possible, if you believe. This statement holds true for Linda as she is now worth millions and even owns a mansion on Banana Island, one of the poshest areas in Lagos.


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