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9 Wedding Dresses That Our Girls May Start Wearing In 2019 From The Look Of Things


A new year is fast approaching and in the fashion world, new trends are bound to take over and knock out existing trends. For those who follow fashion trends religiously, it will be exciting to show stylishness in the new way society defines fashionable. Wedding are a huge deal to most people.

A lot of effort and time go into selecting the perfect outfit for the special occasion. Bride-to-be want to look the best they can for that day and most times their choice is inspired by the latest fashion trend. For a while, the bare-it-all and sheer material have taken over the fashion scene.

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Its has literally become fashionable to walk around half naked. Since we get inspiration from fashion shows and trends, just what will be 2017 brides wear for their wedding?

Here are some of the latest styles of wedding dresses that will make you question your bride-to-be fashion designer.

1. Sheer, beaded dress


Nice dress and the details are definitely heaven but trust a naija pastor to ask the bride to change this sheer dress that will show all the African features.

2. Spaghetti arm


Its better to just have dinner at a fancy place with this dress. If you dare wear it to church for your wedding and it hooks onto something, it will be a remake of what happened to one of the barden bellas in the movie,  pitch perfect 2.

3. Mami water style


Did they use curtain to sew this dress?

4. Above knee-length


Sister Amaka is trying to look holy but displaying her legs. Hmmmm

5. Night dress?


I bet this looks likethe night gown you ordered online last week.

6. Bulky rubbish


Hands off for the details but will you really wear this for your wedding?

7. Lady gaga inspired


What is that thing about creativity and genius being a spark of madness? Well, I see the spark of madness alright.

8. Show of legs


After your parents sent you to school and now you are getting married, you decide to follow fashion trend and wear this on your wedding day? It will take the holy spirit for them not to turn your wedding into a deliverance ceremony.

9. Thigh-high slit


Serious advice: don’t even wear this to a club if you know what is good for you.

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