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Abomination! Man has sex with a goat, then this happens (photo, video)


A young man, Gabrielle Simiyu, caught having sex with a goat was almost lynched to death by an angry mob on Friday night, November 4.

The Kenyan boda boda operator (Boda boda are motorcycle taxis commonly found in East Africa) was caught right in the act in Kabuchai constituency, Bungoma County of Kenya. All thanks to the prompt intervention of the police, he would have been lynched to death.

Gabrielle Simiyu was caught having sex with a goat on Friday night, November 4.

Richard Wanyonyi, who is the owner of the goat revealed that he caught the 26-year-old man red-handed having sex with his goat at his Nangwe village home after hearing bleating from the goats but he escaped.

“I heard the goats bleating when I was sleeping and decided to go and find out why. It was dark so I took my time and when I reached there I saw someone jump and go to the cow shed but he forgot his shoes,” said Richard Wanyonyi.

Wanyonyi said he spoke to boda boda operators who worked with Simiyu at a nearby stage and was informed that the shoes belonged to him. Wanyoni also claims that Simiyu confessed to him he had sex with the animal since women rejected him at a funeral earlier that night.

Watch video below:

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