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Adeniran: PDP must imbibe the culture of rewarding loyal members.


The director-general of Professor Tunde Adeniran Campaign Organisation, Alhaji Shehu Gabam, has urged PDP faithfuls across the country to reward loyal party members with key positions in its forthcoming convention in December.

Gabam made the call during an interaction with journalists on Monday, October 9 at the campaign office of Professor Tunde Adeniran.

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Professor Adeniran, a former minister of education, is one of the key contenders of the PDP chairmanship race.

Gabam, a former chief of staff to the Bauchi state government, stated that Adeniran’s candidature is a departure from the past where people with questionable characters are elected to lead the party.

GabamAlhaji Gabam and the deputy DG of the campaign organisation, Chief Olukayode Akindele during the press briefing on Monday, October 9. Photo credit: Professor Tunder Adeniran Campaign Organisation

His words: “Let us reduce promoting people with questionable characters, otherwise PDP cannot move forward. Today we have people with questionable characters vying for different positions. People with shady characters.

“Some of them destroyed this party. And today they are vying for positions and certain class of people are protecting them and maligning decent people who have injected their personal integrity, time, resources and energy in stabilizing the PDP as a party.”

He stated that Professor Tunde Adeniran Campaign Organisation is not afraid of any other contender or any form of competition, but warned that they are not interested in a consensus candidate.

He said: “We are not looking for consensus. We are looking for fair play. The convention must be transparent. The convention must be open. Otherwise there will be serious consequences.

“We’ll never go back to an era where people can conspire and decide the fate of millions of PDP faithful. It was a protest vote that led to the loss of PDP by PDP members themselves. It is not APC that defeated PDP. It is PDP members who defeated PDP themselves because of imposition, because of rascality and lack of respect to the dos and don’ts of the party.

“We don’t want to be part of those who tensed up the situation. We’re willing to balance any behavior that is not decent. We have the capacity and we are ready to come up with issues and facts if this blackmail is not stopped by those that are involved in it. By those that are beneficiaries of such things. We’ll take it up and we’ll deal with it ruthlessly.”

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