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Amazing! These 6 photos of Cristiano Ronaldo will give girls the chills


Widely regarded as one of the best ever on the pitch, Cristiano Ronaldo is the hero to many fan worldwide. 

While he is a role model for many male fans, female admires want a piece of the pie. This he sometimes gives to the sexiest girls.

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With an abundance of pictures of the Portuguese around, we look at six pictures of Ronaldo that would make every get the chills down there;

1. The time Ronaldo did not know what to tweet and he used this;

We really don’t get this picture (which Ronaldo posted on twitter) but he looks rather horny

2. That time he was promoting his line of underwear

Ronaldo wanted us to know the six pack was complete

3. Scoring in the 2014 Champions League final and letting every pot bellied guy know he is rich, handsome, fit and great at soccer

Ronaldo celebrates in the 2014 Champions League final shirtless

4. That smile though – killa

Cristiano Ronald poses with the Euro 2016 trophy whch he won with Portugal

5. When he was promoting Legacy – his perfume line – and girls did not want to leave his side

Cristiano ROnaldo unveiled his ffagrance in September 2015

6. Letting us know that those jeans we buy from ‘Ibo boys’ at the market can be worn properly

Cristiano Ronaldo poses as a model for Armani jeans

Oya ladies, up to you!

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