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Apostle Suleiman’s arrest: “Nigeria is going to break before 2019 and it won’t be Biafra”, “Never! This man is not above the law” – Nigerians react


Apostle Suleiman’s arrest! “Nigeria is going to break before 2019 and it won’t be Biafra”, “Never! This man is not above the law” – Nigerians react

Below are the arguments for and against the Apostle who has insisted that he did not ask Christians to kill Muslims, but to defend themselves against the Fulani herdsmen.

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Ezeoke Justina said: “The indirect religious war going on in Nigeria now is instigated by who, Christians are killed daily,churches burnt, even in offices any top ranked christian or igbo is retired compulsory,instead they will tell you that the killers are not Nigerians that they come from Mali, they can never call a spade a spade and stop the act,Sultan will not see this,but he will see a christian that will be arrested ,not that he has killed but he is saying the truth. My advice to Christians is not to worry, we have a God that fights war for will only take time but we must win.”

Edgar Ogeleka was of the opinion that: “both Christians an Muslim leaders should preach peace than instigating problems cuz of a true we can’t fight GOD fight wrongly so I beg everyone to plz discourage religious differences cuz if u d leaders ar using strong words then what do u expect ur followers to do.”

Malcolm Chirah said: “I’m sorry for Christians in Nigeria. So because a pastor told his church members to defend themselves, the Muslim leaders are calling for his arrest but said nothing when millions of Christians has been killed by Muslim Fulani herdsmen. Pls sultan of Sokoto what did you said about the southern Kuduna killing. Were they killed by ghost?”

Ebikake Gene Mrdodo made an enlightening remark, saying: “During the Soviet dictatorship of Joseph Stalin. He was a brutal dictator with mind of his own. On one fateful day, Stalin came to Politburo meeting with a live chicken. Standing in front of audience, He started to pluck the feathers of the live chicken off one by one.

The chicken trembled in pain, blood tricking out of its pores. It gave out grievous cries, but Stalin being a cruel dictator continued without remorse plucking the feathers out until the chicken was completely naked.

After which, he threw the chicken on the ground. The naked chicken was staggering in pain. Stalin goes into his pocket and from his pockets, he took out some chicken food and started to throw it at the poor & hapless creature.

The poor chicken in pain started eating and Stalin started walking towards his seat. As he walked away, he kept dropping some feeds on the floor & the chicken followed him and sat feeding from his feet.

Joseph Stalin then turned to members of his political party leadership. He said, “This chicken represents the people”.

“You must disempower them, brutalise them, beat them up, starve them and then leave them”.

“If you do this, go into your pocket & give them peanuts when they are in that helpless and desperate situation, they will blindly follow you for the rest of their life, worshiping you”.

“They will think you are a hero forever. They will forget that, you’re responsible for their sorrowful situation in the first place.”

Breath taking, isn’t it ?

Now! Take a look at all the people some Nigerians are busy defending on social media.

Take a look at those they call their heroes. They are the same people who plunged Nigeria into the situation she is. They are the same people who are responsible for their predicament.”

Witness Udoekwere was of the opinion that “Arresting Apostle Suleman will not solve a single problem, rather it will aggravate the problems, because no single Nigerian will be happy to see an innocent man suffer while the culprits (killers) are let off the hook”

Bolerjy Gbenga Samuel said: “As a matter of fact it is painful and ungodly for any body to take the life of is fellow human being but been a Nigerian and one Nationality we all need to stand together against this killing of our people(nigerian)irrespective of whatever religious we believe in we are all Nigeria wether from North, East, South or west.

Afterall before the adventure of both Islam and Christianity we are all one so therefore my fellow Nigerian let put aside tribalism and stand on unionlism we are one let all pray for peace in our dear land.”

Olalekan Adekunle said: “The solution to the problem of Nigeria is to be divided into two nations. Southern Nigeria and Northern Nigeria this will bring peace to the two nations. All these preaching and killing and Sultans and Pastors are not solution to Nigeria problem. Let us agree to cut it in half Abuja capital city for the North and Lagos capital city for the South peace will reign in the two nations.

This can be done by agreement and understanding without shedding blood of innocent people. Confirmation is Northern and Southern Sudan Countries. They are both living in peace since the two youngest nations were created. If Nigeria can follow the example there will be peace, security, development, jobs and any more benefits. Pls letter us agree to divide into two nations for peace to reign and for us now and the future generations to come.”

Prisca Nweke defended the apostle saying: “He did not say kill Muslims, He said kill fulani herdsmen wey wan attack you, dats was his statement. Unless you people are telling us dat all Muslims. have become fulani herdsmen targeting Christians and destroying farmlands. U people should fight recession joor.”

Emeka Sunday said: “Apostle Suleiman, who claimed he received an sms notifying him that Fulani herdsmen are coming for him. Why is he now scared to answer the DSS? Apostle, the short devil is still very much on ground and you re on the run?

A whole apostle running to hide under Fayose? DSS insist on his arrest and detention, please make sure he sleeps there even if there is no reason. Let us dare Apostle Suleiman and watch the heavens fall. Since he’s exalted himself as God, let see if Governor Fayose will come out to rescue you or you won’t preach during services?

As a matter fact, DSS arrest any pastor that preaches on his behalf. How dare you threaten Nigeria and Nigerians? When you were feeling like kingkong in your church, thinking you re above the law, you didn’t know that you re just another mortal? We dare you to come out Apostle, stop hiding under governor Fayose.

Don’t forget that it is one man, Governor Fayose that is covered by immunity and no one else. Abi you go run leave your flock? The ones you ordered to kill? Why you hiding anyway, why are your 5million not able to protect you? Apostle show your face… truth must betold. Suleiman Johnson must be arrested and tried!”

Laura Edokobi Ikeobi aired her view, stressing that: “If the way they are saying arrest this man and they do so to herdsmen, i think by now the herdsmen will redress their steps and pple will live in peace.”

Olawale Kolawole Liadi said: “You are a complete Coward ,you said El Rufai will die last year,Rufai is still alive and is only God that can know what happens tomorrow. All these new generation Church like to cause disunity in the society, you can never see Anglican, Methodist Catholic pastor misbehaving in the society”

Kehinde Sikiru noted that the situatuion is laughable. Saying: “But El-Zak-Zaky has been held for close to a year,similar things his followers said : ‘” Oh! Nigeria will burn down, etc’. People need to stop this childish mockery of the rule of law.””

Dickson Fez said: “This man should be arrested. What kind of comments is this. Are you above the law? People should learn how to talk in public even if you are a religious leader”

Bala Haruna noted that “Ordering his arrest was wrong move by the govt. They should channel their energy and resources to the incessant and indiscriminate killings in southern kaduna. As a Muslim this is my stand.”

Destiny Nnenna Amadi asked a question saying: “How many Fulani herdsmen have been arrested for d incessant killings of Christians in Kaduna. So, we shld fold our arms and do nothing. D APC Govt has turned a blind eye to all d killings and injustice in this nation.”

Blessing Praise asked questions, saying: “How many Fulani herdsmen has been arrested and prosecuted for their incessant killings? Where are the killers of Abuja redeem pastor’s wife?

This sultan must also be arrested for fomenting war through his hate speech…..for Christ’s sake this country belong to all of us and not the fulanis…..the pastor preached for self defence of Christians so why would the useless and good for nothing corrupt DSS go for his arrest? And who’s the sultan to order the DSS to arrest a man of God by disguising themselves into his hotel room at midnight?…..

So since the Fulani herdsmen went on a killing jamboree how many of them have this sultan and his zombie DSS arrested? Its better this animals on human skin go on exile and have their country their cos nothing about them makes sense.”

Unuarumhi Haruna Muhammed said: “All Fulanis are not all Muslim’s, have Christians and traditional believers among them. Now the war in Kaduna is not religious because you have southern Kaduna who are also Muslims and they are attacked by this herdsmen. Violence is not the best option in dealing with crisis. It is time for all to resolve our problems. Government should matter of urgency find the root causes of this problems and proffer solutions that will permanently end this conflict all over the country.”

Chidi Craig was of the opinion that: “Nigeria is going to break before 2019 and its not even about Biafra, its about the Northern Muslims thinking they own this country and everything in it. If their ideology tells them they can conquer all of us then lets try and see.”

A copied post by Abdulbasit Aliyu, read: “I think Muslims in northern Nigeria need to put the record straight about the unfortunate killing In various part of the north by “fulani herdsmen”.I’m compelled to write this piece because of the calibre of Christians leaders that are misinterpreting the crisis in southern kaduna as a religious crisis and asking Christians to kill fulani herdsmen

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