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Baby born without an anus

Baby born without an anus

According to Rariya, a baby was born at the Geidam government hospital in Yobe, today, June 10, 2016.

Isn’t that strange?

Imperforate anus is a birth defect that happens in 1 in 5000 babies in the world. It is a condition where a baby is born with a underdeveloped anus.

According to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, about half of all babies born with imperforate anus have additional abnormalities.

Some of these may be: kidney and urinary tract defects, abnormalities of the spine, windpipe or tracheal defects, esophageal defects, defects of the arms and legs, Down syndrome, Hirschsprung’s disease, duodenal atresia, or congenital heart defects.



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