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Biafra: Nigerian Army, Hell Bent On Carrying Sinister Macabre Acts on Igbos (PHOTOS)


Firstly, it was the right call by parents to withdraw their wards from schools on basis of the desperate act by NA to move into schools and start injecting people with “vaccines”. Thumbs up.

How can a military of a supposed country dash into schools without prior notice and info. brandishing your tattered guns to immunize our kids? For what disease exactly? Monkeypox? Start from the North.

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Now, you gunned down their parents, brothers and sister in a gruesome manner in the streets, churches, open fields, and you are about to give them what?! Vaccines? Who takes venom from a cobra or your “python”.

The state and probably the federal ministry of health are not aware of your intentions. Are we your lab rats? If we needed immunization we know the direction to the hospital.

This reminds me of the Chibok saga of men in military camo pretending to move students to a safe location only for it to be a kidnap. We dont want that here, because by then Obiano and his henchmen will be by the sidelines, denying any involvement.

Once again, thumbs up parents of Anambra.

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