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Buhari under attack as Nigerians demand arrest of Ameachi, Danladi Umar, Saraki, Fayose


There has been great buzz on social media following the re-arrest of former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode.

Fani Kayode was re-arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)today, October 21. Following the arrest, Nigerians have been reacting furiously, especially in the light of accussations darted at the minister of transport, Honorable  Rotimi Amaechi.

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Below are the reactions of Nigerians to the arrest.

Anslem Sander Ebuogbei said: “So there are moles in the EFCC who inform people about their impending arrest. This is bad for the anti-corruption fight.”

Abiodun Emmanuel was of the opinion that this is good, he however, asked: “But what about Ameachi? if nothing will happen to ameachi,nothing is happening to you uncle femi,you are only a EFCC victim because no immunity like others such as Ameachi, Danladi Umar, Bukola saraki,fayose to mention but few…no option for them than to release you back.”

Freeman Solomon said: “He will only just be like that. Wickedness never satisfies anyone. These are experienced people that he should have brought together to help this country. Instead he has chosen to pursue them from one end to the other all in the name of “fighting quaruption” and at the end of it all would have been an effort in futility. I laugh.”

Tony Opanka Theo said: “Go well bro, what dosnt kill a man will make him stronger. The so called fight against corruption is so glared to be nothing but witch hunt. Be calm, an event that will keep a end to this will come one day.”

A furious Agbo Christian said: “To hell with Buhari and his corruption fight. Are all APC members saints?. You cannot put the cart before the horse. Nigerians are dying of hunger but the tyrant is more concerned about witch- hunting his political opponents. NONSENSE!!!”

Ogalla Chinonso Kelly said: “Nigeria when ever you say something then you are corrupt what about tinubu amechi obasanjo buhari is detaining his opposition parties….. Buhari as old man you suppose know that if you brake a bottle you will never fix it again.”

I have no iota of sympathy for this “fraud” called Fani-Kayode, I hope he returns all the money he allegedly looted.

One part of me feels for Fani Kayode,the other parts says he deserves him right…One thing is sure though that dude looted this country!!

EFCC claims N2.3 million found in Fani-Kayode’s wife’s account. Screen-shot shows only N295,000. Who will save us from GOVERNMENT OF LIARS?

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