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Buhari’s travels: Our President should own a travel blog


President Muhammadu Buhari is living the dreams most of us want and we didn’t even notice. Not only is he Nigeria’s president, he also gets to travel the world for free (talk about perks of the job).

First, he started by going to the Niger Republic and Chad back in June 2015.

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Then he packed his bags, with official photographer Bayo Omoboriowo in hand, went to Germany and South Africa in that same month.
Getting back from SA, he went straight to Cameroon and the United States of America the next month.
The trip officially begun!

August saw him in Benin Republic before he decided to ditch it and go to France and Ghana in September. He quickly switched to India and Sudan (something about the Sun) in October before heading to Iran, Malta, France and USA (again) in November.
December was fast approaching and he went to South Africa and Benin Republic again for the Yuletide. That’s 13 countries in just one year.
Then it occurred to me, It would have been really nice if Buhari had a travel blog to chronicle his travels. Why go to all these places and not share pictures? I mean what better way to document your periodic trips but by writing about it?

This would have been a perfect Instagram photo. Just imagine the likes… (Google)
Scratch it, he doesn’t even need to write too much, just post photos, captions, a few words and go. He should visit monuments, heritage sites, pose for snazzy Instagram photos, sign autographs and post on his blog.

One can only imagine the amount of content wasted in 2015. Thinking 2016 would be bloggy, he disappointed by going to The UAE, Kenya and Ethiopia without a blog. Then in February France, United Kingdom, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar welcomed our president.

March was for the United States Of America alone. China in April, back to the United Kingdom in May, England in June, Kenya in August, New York in September, Germany in October, Morocco in November and Dakar and Gambia in December.
2017 however saw him limit his sojourn due to health issues. He went to The Gambia, UK, New York and back to London.

Don’t take this article serious please!

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