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Buratai exploits us, steals our money and throws us away – Nigerian soldiers


This is exactly what happened to Ebuka Emeka and the Nigerian army personnel who now accuse Lt.-Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai and other top army officials of the appropriation of funds meant for soldiers.

Mr Emeka has contacted Nigeriabreakignews.com.ng to ask for assistance in resolving the issue and reaching Mr Buratai, stressing a high probability of chaos erupting in case their demands ignored.

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It is worrisome to note that Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, the current chief of army staff, is hijacking our allowances.

How they exploite us

Soldiers have complained about some army generals in collaboration with Mr Buratai misappropriating their allowances for personal usage on a regular basis.

They said such attitude is weakening the morale of soldiers who are now in foreign missios in Liberia, Mali and Sudan.

The militants are aware of the situation their colleagues in Nigeria are in — the soldiers are still awaiting their payments if any to come.

The soldiers also complain that only half of allowances were given to them despite their full-time service abroad.

Sadly, the chief of army staff doesn’t bother about the welfare of the soldiers, but bothering for his pocket.

The soldiers further stated: How would they go to foreign mission and come back only to find their allowances were converted to personal use of the army leadership?

Rely only on ourselves

The soldiers are using their own money to buy uniform, drugs and other things. If the military can’t provide the bare essentials  — why, then the allowances meant for soldiers are misappropriated?

There is no any significance change between the past administration and the President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

The only difference is that during Goodluck Jonathan administration the Nigerian army paid complete allowances while the current one pays half of allowances.

Never in history of foreign missions the United Nations paid Nigerian contingent uncompleted or half payment.

The soldiers also appeal to the COAS to mind the welfare and allowances of the personnel especially those in the battlefront as failure to do so would cause chaos.


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