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  • Six-packs
    See What It Takes To Get Six-Pack

    Most people desire to have six-pack. However, the process of achieving this can be daunting and confusing. With myriads of instructions online which perform little to no magic in getting your desire body shape, it is important to put in right perspective what it takes to have a body worth unveiling in public. Apart from requiring

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  • MTN-Project-Fame
    Drama As “Herbalist” Storms Project Fame Audition In Lagos (Photos)

    For Awopeju Olaniyi Philips aka King Phillipiano, it was fame or nothing as the self-professed herbalist stormed the Ultima Studio in his full traditional regalia to slug it out with other music enthusiasts in the Lagos audition of Project Fame West Africa season 9. Adorned in beads, robes, animal skin and a horsetail to match,

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  • Shocked-guy
    10 things women say that strike HORROR into a man’s heart

    Women aren’t as complicated as you think. If we’re angry, we’ll let you know. You never need to guess. If you hear any one of these 10 phrases, buckle up, because you are in trouble… 1. “We’ll talk about this later.” And believe me, you will. 2. “Was there something you wanted to say to

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  • Relationship
    Want a healthy and long lasting relationship? Do these 6 things

    A new study published in the Journal of Family Psychology found that people who are in unhappy relationships tend to have more health issues than those who are in happier and high-quality relationships. These negative health effects only increase as those bad relationships last. “Health benefits begin to accrue relatively quickly with high-quality relationships and

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  • Facebook Messenger
    Facebook Messenger to offer strong encryption

    Facebook announced Friday it would roll out optional “end to end encryption” for its Messenger application, following a trend aimed at stronger security and protection against snooping. The US technology giant said this feature would be known as “secret conversations” which can be read only by the sender and recipient. “Providing more ways for people

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  • HP 650 Laptop: Review and Specs

    Choosing and buying a new laptop is never an easy task. Everyone wants a laptop that is moderately priced, but has all the necessary features to ensure smooth performance in any situation. HP laptops have always been among the most popular laptop series, which is why HP 650 attracted extra attention from the buyers. Is

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  • Patience Ozokwor
    Patience Ozokwor denies abandoning Nollywood for Christianity

    Two weeks ago it was widely reported that Nollywood star actress Patience Ozokwor had abandoned Nollywood for her new found faith in Jesus Christ. In a new interview with Star Tells dishes on her new religious life, how she met God, the retreats she holds and having to ditch wearing trousers, dreadlocks and jewellery. Ozokwor

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  • Food
    Five foods that are killing your sex drive

    It’s springtime, and love is in the air. Believe it or not, your lovemaking ability (or lack thereof) is directly related to your diet, and certain foods are more detrimental to your ability to perform than others. If you happen to be a man who is experiencing a little trouble getting, er, “inspired” for sexy

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