Tuesday, 22/8/2017 | 3:37 UTC+0
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  • wale
    American rapper Wale arrives in Nigeria (PHOTO)

    American/Nigerian rapper Wale is back in the country. The Washington born MMG lyricist, who recently announced plans for a Wizkid collaboration on his new mixtape, S.H.I.N.E ,took to Instagram to share a picture of himself in the country.

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  • 5 Ways To Get Your Kids To Listen Without Yelling

    Children are the joy of a home, they bring happiness and in return are loved. They can be funny, stubborn adorable, chatty and obedient but there is just a point where they do not listen. Children’s selective hearing is a big source of frustration for parents. Kids have a lot on their minds, especially the stress

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  • Lagos
    How to be successful in Lagos

    Lagos is a land of opportunities. A lot of people come to the city with nothing but eventually rise to the top. The road to success is a different one for different people but in Lagos there are some things that must be done properly. Some people come to Lagos and for years, they either

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