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  • 2Face-Blackface
    Why I Dragged 2face To Court – Blackface

    A founding member of the Nigerian band, Plantashun boiz, Blackface born Ahmedu Augustine, has declared that he dragged 2face to court for allegedly stealing his song “let somebody love you.” The band was formed in 2000 with 2face, Innocent Idibia, and Faze, Chibuzor Oji. Blackface, who had earlier accused 2face of intellectual theft was asked

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  • snail
    Snail meat: Health benefits and nutritional value

    Health benefits of snail meat are known very well. It is a very delicious delicacy. Snail meat is a highly popular dish of Nigerian cuisine. What are the main benefits of eating snails? Continue reading the article to know more details. Not all snails can be eaten. In Nigeria, snail meat is often used for

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  • Can A Man love and Be sexually Faithful To One Woman?

    love and faithfulness are interlocked yet so different. A man can love one woman forever even if the lady marries another man but faithfulness on the other hand I think should be gauged individually because it is premised on one’s nature. So the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES…but the types of guys who can love and

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  • mark-zuckerberg
    Mark Zuckerberg wrote a nearly 6,000-word letter about the future of Facebook that quotes Abe Lincoln — here are the key points (FB)

    Mark Zuckerberg has shared a lengthy new letter explaining his vision for the future of Facebook. The post is Zuckerberg’s first revision to the original founder’s letter he wrote ahead of Facebook’s public offering more than five years ago. The updated manifesto makes Facebook sound more like a globalist movement than a for-profit company —

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  • The-Woman
    South African Woman Poisons Her Private Part To Kill Cheating Husband

    A woman in South Africa is facing a 15-year jail term for allegedly lacing her vagina with poison so she could kill her cheating husband. Trending Post reports that the woman identified as Beatrice who has been charged with attempted murder had been complaining to her friends about her husband’s adulterous ways and decided to

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  • Angry relationship
    10 Things You Should Never Tell Your Spouse In A Fight

    As you increase communication with your spouse, arguments will happen. You may wish you could turn back the clock – over and over again. Hopefully, humor can keep the argument from exploding out of control. If not, misunderstandings and fights tend to occur with greater frequency.Now, for those wondering, there is no, “How to Argue

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  • Ladies-gossiping
    Tips on health & lifestyle

    This is the last of the tips for managing yourselves in 2017. I have noticed that as a people we tend to take our health for granted. In this respect men are guiltier than women. Men tend to overlook symptoms and ignore doctors until it becomes worrisome.  In 2017, this must change for everyone. There

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  • Shaving
    6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Shave Off Your Pubic Hair.

    The presence of pubic hair has had a biological connotation since time immemorial. Pubic hair served as an easy way for partners to identify the $exual maturity of their spouses and their intention to have s’ex. Asides being a way of identifying s’exual maturity, in earlier times, men were thought to use the presence of

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  • 2Face
    2face Idibia Says February 6 Protest Will Still Hold

    Nigerian artist, Innocent Idibia, popularly know as 2face, has confirmed his proposed protest in Lagos on Monday, February 6. 2face confirmed this via his twitter handle say: “We’re still where we are – poor and desperate. I’ll no longer be quiet” – @official2baba confirms Monday February 6 protest in #Lagos”.

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