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  • coldest-countries-on-earth
    List of TOP 10 coldest countries in the world

    Low temperatures are not common for our continent but there are countries where the temperatures are extremely low. Do you know what the coldest country in the world is? Here you can see the places with the lowest temperatures. Many people like to sit in a warm room on cold evenings, but the climate in

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  • How To Kiss A Woman Perfectly

    Every woman yearns for the man who can set her innards on fire with his mouth moves. When embarking on a romantic journey, the man who knows how to kiss a woman perfectly always has a honeypot to tap from. This skill can determine how bright the flame in the affair will burn or keep

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  • Nigeria-Map
    Ringtones are the new music in phone-rich Nigeria

    Phizbarz is only 23 but hopes to become the next Nigerian Afro-pop star to be famous across Africa — and to get himself known and earn a living, he’s using his mobile phone. The young performer from the country’s commercial and entertainment capital, Lagos, floods social networking sites Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with clips of

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    How to choose the right cleaning service: 6 key factors

    The fact that nowadays there is a huge number of cleaning service companies that promise you to “make it perfect”, doesn’t mean that they will really do. And there are situations when quality cleaning is of great importance – for example, before selling an apartment. So, when choosing a reliable cleaning service company you should

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  • MMM

    Singer and dancer, MC Galaxy has said he lost N25 million to ponzi scheme, MMM. In an interview with PremiumTimes, the singer said his manager convinced him to invest in the scheme. He added that his loss was one of the reasons why he named his second album MMM. He said, “It was one of

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  • 2Face-Blackface
    Why I Dragged 2face To Court – Blackface

    A founding member of the Nigerian band, Plantashun boiz, Blackface born Ahmedu Augustine, has declared that he dragged 2face to court for allegedly stealing his song “let somebody love you.” The band was formed in 2000 with 2face, Innocent Idibia, and Faze, Chibuzor Oji. Blackface, who had earlier accused 2face of intellectual theft was asked

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  • snail
    Snail meat: Health benefits and nutritional value

    Health benefits of snail meat are known very well. It is a very delicious delicacy. Snail meat is a highly popular dish of Nigerian cuisine. What are the main benefits of eating snails? Continue reading the article to know more details. Not all snails can be eaten. In Nigeria, snail meat is often used for

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  • Can A Man love and Be sexually Faithful To One Woman?

    love and faithfulness are interlocked yet so different. A man can love one woman forever even if the lady marries another man but faithfulness on the other hand I think should be gauged individually because it is premised on one’s nature. So the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES…but the types of guys who can love and

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