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  • scene-of-fatal-accident-that-claimed-the-lives-of-two-people
    Sad: How 2 travelers died in fatal accident (photo)

    – Two people have died in a fatal auto crash that happened on Sunday evening at Gada-Biyu village on the Abuja-Lokoja expressway  – The driver of a car was said to have been on high speed during a heavy downpour when he lost control of the car   Two people have lost their lives in

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  • python
    See what pythons are capable of doing! Shock!

    These creatures live in Africa, Asia and Australia, as well as in America. Some of them grow to be huge and ruthless. These photos prove: pythons are greedy, stupid and dangerous animals! These creatures live in Africa, Asia and Australia, as well as in America. Some of them grow to be huge and ruthless. These

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  • `naked-sex-worker
    Shameless! Young lady strips, performs sex act in broad daylight (photos)

    A young lady who stripped naked and performed a sexual act publicly has got tongues wagging in St Petersburg, Russia. The young lady as she publicly displayed Dailystar reports that the Russian lady got many devastated as they saw the viral video on major video-sharing websites and local internet forums in and outside the country. The lady, who

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  • Mad-man
    Man Storms Traffic And Flashes His Manhood At Female Motorists

    A grotesque video of a man who hits a major road in Kenya and brought out his erect manhold has gone viral on social media. The video shows the man initially just standing in the middle of the traffic, then brought out his “machine gun” which he generously flashes at female motorists. One of the

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  • Woman-with-big-legs
    Unbelievable! See Woman Whose Legs Won’t Stop Growing

    A woman has found herself struggling as a result of her legs which won’t stop growing. The bride-to-be is undergoing grueling treatment to decrease her 4ft-wide legs. According to Dailymail, Katia Page, 36, suffers with Lipoedema – a chronic disorder that causes fatty tissue to accumulate in mass around the lower body. Miss Page, from

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  • Boy Born With His Organs Outside His Stomach
    Photo Of A Boy Born With His Organs Outside His Stomach

    Last year an English doctor David Williams was in Ghana visiting his daughter who was teaching English and working on a radio show when he met Ethan’s father Charles, who also worked at the radio station. Dr Williams was asked to examine Ethan and within a year he and his wife Jacquie helped to raise

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  • Strange Rainfall In Togo!

    This happened at a particular place at Kpalime in Togo (West Africa). Is there a scientific explanation to this or should we term this a miracle?Looks scary.Thank God,the world will never be destroyed by flooding again!

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