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  • In DR Congo: Death toll landslide climbs to 140

    The death toll from a landslide that swept over a fishing village on the banks of a lake in northeast Democratic Republic of Congo has reached 140, the government said Monday. “We estimate that there at least a hundred bodies buried underneath the rumble of large rocks that fell on the 48 destroyed homes,” the deputy

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  • Trump
    Donald Trump commends North Korea for backing down on Missile Attack

    United States President Donald Trump has commended North Korea for calling off its missile attack on the US military base in Guam. Trump expressed his delight on Twitter, saying it was a wise decision. He said: Kim Jong Un of North Korea made a very wise and well reasoned decision. The alternative would have been both catastrophic

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  • shiites-clash-with-police
    Kenyan Police beat six-month-old baby to death

    A six-month-old baby has died after being beaten by Kenyan police during a raid on her house as protests erupted following a disputed election result in Western Kisumu, her father said Tuesday. The baby, Samantha Pendo, had been in a coma in hospital since Friday night when her father said police forced their way into

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  • court
    Iranian court freezes asset of 152 BBC staff

    A court on Tuesday barred 152 Iranian current and former BBC staff members and contributors from major financial transactions in Iran. The order bans 152 individuals from any transaction that needs to be registered, including buying or selling property or any “movable or immovable assets” in Iran, restrictions the British broadcaster said on Tuesday were

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  • coldest-countries-on-earth
    List of TOP 10 coldest countries in the world

    Low temperatures are not common for our continent but there are countries where the temperatures are extremely low. Do you know what the coldest country in the world is? Here you can see the places with the lowest temperatures. Many people like to sit in a warm room on cold evenings, but the climate in

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  • ISIS beheading
    IS in Syria ‘executes’ 19 civilians

    Members of the Islamic State group have ‘executed’ 19 civilians including two children in a village held by anti-jihadists in eastern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Saturday. “IS fighters entered Jazrat al-Boushams village on Friday evening and executed 19 civilians, including two women and two children, with bullets to the head before

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  • Trump
    Trump defends dismissal of FBI director

    The United States President, Donald Trump, has defended his dismissal of Federal Bureau of Investigation Director, James Comey, fighting a storm of criticism that the ouster was aimed at blunting a probe into his presidential campaign’s possible collusion with Russia to sway the 2016 election. The White House on Tuesday said Comey was fired over

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  • Xenophobia
    2 Nigerians killed by gunmen in South Africa

    The Nigeria Union in South Africa said on Wednesday that two Nigerians  were  shot dead in Western Cape Province of that country. Mr Mike Ibitoye, the Chairman of the Union`s chapter in the province, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on telephone from Cape Town, South Africa,  that the Nigerians were  shot by unidentified

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