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Data Rate Increase: A Deliberate Mechanism To Reduce Social Media Influence?


I am convinced that the data rate increase ordered by Buhari through NCC is deliberately meant to reduce access to internet for ordinary Nigerians so that the influence of social media on Buhari and his co-travellers will be limited.

By my own estimation, at least 50% of internet users will not be able to subscribe regularly as before and at least 20% may stop subscribing entirely for social media purposes.

website maintenance and social media management

If these people are cut of from the internet, they will be starved of authentic info and will not be able to post info as fast as before. They will depend on adulterated information coming from the compromised media houses.

Remember that Lai Mohammed had in different occasions in the past complained about the influence of the social media on the image of Buhari’s government. Why are they after the same platform they rode to Aso Rock?

They have introduced the data tax through the back door and we are just watching them….Nigerians sorry ooo

Sorry Nigerians. We warned you but you would not listen.

website maintenance and social media management



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