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Explosion Hit Lagos Community


There was pandemonium within the James-Oni/Lamina Lawal axis of Isolo town in the early hours of Tuesday, March 1. correspondent reports that the chaos was stirred by a series of rancorous explosions which woke most of the residents within the area.

 The explosion occurred after a coastal-bus which was bearing gallons of fuel alleged lost its brakes while descending the Lamina Lawal slope. In its uncontrolled  motion, the bus  brushed the sides of cars parked by the road side and came to a halt after ramming into a stationed car and the base of a concrete pole in front of Kembos college. It was briefly after the collision with the car and pole that the bus burst into flames, luckily, the driver and some others aboard had evacuated before the explosions occurred

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The fire service came as quickly as they could, but little could be done to save the bus which was burnt beyond recognition. Witnesses disclose that at the sound of the blast, residents within the vicinity began to scamper for safety, with some injuring themselves in their failed attempts to scale fences. Linda Ikeji reports that one passenger died in the incident while others injured were rushed to Isolo general hospital. Below are more photos from the incident.


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