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Game of Thrones: The things I hate most about the fans of the TV series


I love “Game of Thrones” but I hate its fans and I mean really hate.

I am a fan of “Game of Thrones”, a crazy one but I know when not to go overboard with things. The GOT fans I hate are the ones who cannot shut up about fan theories, spoilers and leaked scripts.

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There are fans who obsess over everything about “Game of Thrones” except the actual episodes. I can’t stand fans who ruin the experience of watching a fresh episode of the show. These fans make it a job to pester you with the popular theories of the hit TV series.

The Game of Thrones theories need to die
Really, I do not want to know if Bran Stark is the Night King. I don’t care. I just want to be surprised if this eventually happens on the show. I do not want to have any foreknowledge of this potential twist happening. It ruins the experience of not knowing what’s going to happen in Westeros, Winterfell or beyond the wall.

I hate fan theorists because they ruin it for a lot of people. “Game of Thrones” is dope enough to watch and experience the twist and turns. Fan theories reduce the rush you get when watching an episode.

This also goes to fans who read leaked scripts and can’t keep it to themselves. What purpose does this serve? It is like opening your Christmas present before your parents give it to you. The joy of not knowing what your present is has been ruined. This is how it is for we the real fans, the purists.

“Game of Thrones” theorists and leakers do the most. They suck the fun out the show. In Season 8 they need to stop, seriously.

The other type of GOT fans I hate are the ones who have read the books written by George R.R Martin. They keep moaning about how the series does not accurately capture the mood of the book.

Only a novice will think that the medium of film can accurately adapt a book. It is not possible. That is why it is call adaptation and not copy and paste. Film has to adapt a book to fit into its format. The fans of the GOT books are snobbish and can never keep quiet about how the books are way better.

Game of thrones book cover

This is a reminder. We do not care. “Game of Thrones” is a pretty good TV series, possibly the best ever. There would be flaws but we do not care. GOT has entertained us for years with its insane plots, unpredictable twists and realistic characters. If these fans are looking for a perfect adaptation they should watch a boring indie movie.

Also, critics of the show should lighten up. A show that features dragons, faceless killers and zombies is not based on facts and the laws of physics. It is called fantasy in case you have forgotten.

Lighten up and enjoy the show, and also keep quiet. Don’t ruin the fun for everyone.

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