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Governor Ortom says foreign herdsmen responsible for attacks


In what might be considered an incredible revelation, Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue has said that Fulani herdsmen are not responsible for attacks in the country.

Fulani herdsmen have been fingered in the incessant attacks between herdsmen and farmers over cows being allowed to graze on farmlands.

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The recent attack in Agatu local government in Benue state has resulted in the death of many farmers and Fulani herdsmen have been accused of the attack.

PM News reports that the governor of Benue said the attacks in the country were not carried out by Fulani herdsmen but herdsmen from from Mali, Ghana, Congo and Niger and that the foreign herdsmen have been committing atrocities since 2011. He urged the federal government to tighten security at borders.

Ortom said: “Unless they are chased out, it would be hard to maintain peace in the country. “These herdsmen are very destructive and well-armed. They kill women and children on sight.

“They are completely different from the Fulani’s that we have lived and cohabited with over the years. “We understand that the herdsmen came from Mali, Ghana, Congo, Niger among others and are killing us every day with impunity. This must stop.

“As we speak, over eight Local Governments have been affected across the state. The situation is really overwhelming.”

He urged herdsmen to embrace ranches instead of grazing reserves as lands were not available in the state for such. He noted that 85 per cent of the citizens were farmers and occupied the little available lands.

Meanwhile, a group, One Idoma Initiative called on Governorl Ortom to visit Agatu and guarantee the safety of lives and properties.

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