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‘He avenged his mother’s death’ Buhari under fire over ex-Sultan Dasuki’s demise


President Muhamamdu Buhari has come under fire over the death of ex-Sultan of Sokoto Ibrahim Dasuki.

Nigerians who commented on the death of the former monarch on social media believe that his death was the result of a revenge mission by the president who they claim has grievance with his son from 30 years back.

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According to the reactions, Buhari allegedly cost the 93-year-old monarch his life by holding on to his son and even having DSS harass the man sometime back by ransacking his home while he was out of the country.

Other people, while feeling sorry for the late ex-Sultan, attacked his son Sambo and said he deserved to lose someone close to him to as Nigerian soldiers and civilians have lost loved ones due to the arms deal scandal he is presently embroiled in.

Some other people also warned President Buhari to stop his Vendetta mission because it will affect relationships of the children in the future.

Meanwhile, reports have emerged that the Department of State Service (DSS) did offer son of late Ibrahim, Sambo Dasuki an opportunity to see his dying father but he refused.

Sambo said he he did not want a temporary but full release from detention in line with the order of the ECOWAS court recently.


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