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He did not sneak into the nation and 11 OBVIOUS reasons why Buhari is Nigeria’s most trusted leader


– President Muhammadu Buhari has been hailed for his honesty and openess as regards his illness

– This was the position of the president’s personal assistant on social media, Ms Lauretta Onochie

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– The president formally resumed back to work on Monday, March 13

The personal assistant on social media to President Muhammadu Buhari, Ms Lauretta Onochie has advised Nigerians to emulate the president’s honesty and openess.

Onochie made the call in a Facebook post published on Monday, March 13, same day the president formally resumed back to work after a long medical vacation in the United Kingdom.

She wrote: ”We have never had a leader who is as open, as honest and as forthright with Nigerians as President Muhammadu Buhari. We must learn to trust him and believe whatever he tells us.

”We must learn again to trust our current leaders. And we must learn again to emulate the honesty of our leaders and apply same honesty in the way we deal with one another. Not only in our professional lives but in our private lives too.”

Vice President Muhammadu Buhari held sway while President Buhari was away

She went on to give 12 reasons to back-up her claims.

1. President Buhari did not sneak out of the nation to go for a break and have a health check up.

2. He informed the National Assembly

3. He issued a press statement, informing the nation.

4. He was open about what he would be doing in England.

5. He handed over to the vice president

6. When it was needful for him to have an extension, he wrote again to the National Assembly.

7. Then another press statement was issued to inform Nigerians.

8. When he was ready to return, President did not sneak back in. A statement was issued to inform Nigerians of the day of return.

9. When he returned, he gave Nigerians an update on his experiences in the UK.

10. President Buhari went ahead to inform the nation that he will be going back to the United Kingdom for an evaluation.

11. He then told Nigerians he was still going to let the Acting President carry on through the weekend.

12. He has now written to the National Assembly and has resumed duty.


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