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Singer and dancer, MC Galaxy has said he lost N25 million to ponzi scheme, MMM.

In an interview with PremiumTimes, the singer said his manager convinced him to invest in the scheme.

website maintenance and social media management

He added that his loss was one of the reasons why he named his second album MMM.

He said, “It was one of the reasons, but not the major reason. I can’t even remember it. That’s in the past. I have forgotten all about it. My manager convinced me to invest about N25 million in MMM but that is all in the past. True, I lost money to MMM, but it has taught me now that I am my own money making machine. A lot of people have learnt a lot of lessons from that experience.”

He also described how met and worked with Grammy Awards winner, Swizzbeatz.

“It was great working with Swizz Beatz on Sekem Remix, which is a track in my album. He started loving the track even before we met. He was posting the song on Snapchat, Instagram and other places when people drew my attention to it. Before then, I had never contacted him personally. Having that remix with Swizz now has helped my relationship with other American acts including Busta Rhymes, Drake and Rihanna. I’ve been in the studio with all of them,” he added.

website maintenance and social media management


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