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How to choose the right cleaning service: 6 key factors

The fact that nowadays there is a huge number of cleaning service companies that promise you to “make it perfect”, doesn’t mean that they will really do. And there are situations when quality cleaning is of great importance – for example, before selling an apartment. So, when choosing a reliable cleaning service company you should consider several factors, which will help you create a clear picture about this company.

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website maintenance and social media management

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Your friends’ experience

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Cleaning is a hard work that requires certain knowledge. Cleaners know that, and in order to obtain qualitative results they develop their own standards for cleaning the premises.

The companies that critically evaluate human capacity, put in standard 20-30 meters per person a day. The biggest is the number of people – the better the result! So when ordering cleaning service, you should ask about the estimated number of staff.

Duration of cleaning

Quality cleaning takes not less than 7 hours. Don’t trust those people, who promise to make it for 4 hours. Ask about the duration of the cleaning and ask what exactly they will do!


Equipment, detergents and transportation

A common list of things a reliable cleaning service company has comprises of:

  • vacuum cleaner
  • steamer
  • rotor for cleaning the floor
  • slides for windows
  • pads
  • sponges for different surfaces
  • scissors, screwier
  • garbage bags
  • electric extension cord
  • ladder
  • brushes
  • flounder and mops
  • broom and scoop
  • detergents


Cost of cleaning

Today cleaning services practice piecework pay. The cost of the 8-hour day for a professional cleaner is approximately $30-35. Multiply this by the number of people, add the cost of consumables, transport, depreciation of equipment and cleaning company margins, and you can estimate an approximate cost of cleaning.

Remember about that when they will offer you cleaning for $50! At best you will get poor quality cleaning, in the worst case – you will get a damaged property.



When coming across the feedbacks, you can easily understand whether they are written by workers, third party company or by grateful customers.

website maintenance and social media management



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