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HP 650 Laptop: Review and Specs

Choosing and buying a new laptop is never an easy task. Everyone wants a laptop that is moderately priced, but has all the necessary features to ensure smooth performance in any situation. HP laptops have always been among the most popular laptop series, which is why HP 650 attracted extra attention from the buyers. Is this HP model worth the hype? Should you get one for yourself? Keep reading to find out!

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website maintenance and social media management


  • Display – HP 650 is equipped with a 15.6 inch display, which may not be as convenient to transport as smaller laptops, but the quality of the images you get with a large display is truly unmatched. Here you’ll have to make the choice between portability and image quality, but if you don’t travel too often and mostly use your laptop at home, 15.6 inch seems like an obvious choice.
  • Processor – a 2.3GHz Dual-Core processor is fairly standard for medium-priced laptops like HP 650. Although it’s hard to judge the performance of the processor alone, since it largely depends on the rest of the specs, independent reviews show that the processor in HP 650 performs about 10% better than processors found in the laptops of the same price range. Multi-tasking is also possible here.
  • Memory – HP 650 has 2GB of RAM, which is not much for a modern laptop. While the performance ensured by this amount of RAM is rather stable, you won’t be able to run multiple heavy apps at once, which is why this laptop is clearly not the first choice for people who often edit videos or play the latest video games. HP has enabled memory upgrade for its 650 model – you can buy and install up to 8GB of RAM overall.
  • Storage – HP 650 comes with a 320GB HDD, which is also not a lot, especially if you prefer to store large amounts of media on your computer rather than watch and listen to stuff online. Plus, the usage of HDD instead of SSD makes the storage performance slower than you’d expect from a new laptop, which sometimes results in freezes and bugs.

Battery – No matter if you like to often take your laptop out of the house, or if you always work at home, having a laptop with adequate battery life is essential for comfortable use. Luckily, HP 650 doesn’t disappoint here – although the 5200mAh battery found in the 650 is nothing groundbreaking, it still provides an average of 5 hours of active use, which is just enough for most users.



It’s safe to say that HP 650 laptop didn’t revolutionize the laptop market – rather it’s just another reliable and adequately performing mid-range laptop. HP 650 can become your perfect companion at work or at home – its specs are advanced enough to ensure stable performance in nearly any situation. Of course, if you’re an avid gamer who’s not missing a single game released, or a graphic designer who needs to run heavy apps throughout the day, HP 650 may not be the number one laptop to consider, but as long as you don’t expect too much performance from a moderately priced laptop, you will not be disappointed in your new HP 650 laptop, given its respectable battery life and other features.

website maintenance and social media management



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