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I encourage you to support MMM – Concerned Nigerian writes an open letter to Buhari

Buhari Frown

Hello! Mr. President, first of all, I want to say congratulations to you for becoming a Nigerian President even after four times of serious effort and threats from you.

Well, I have a piece of advice for you and your government but before I start, I need to remind you that in Nigeria, we have over 100 million Nigerians who are unemployed. In solving this issue, I would proffer to your government to scrap NYSC scheme, due to the fact that, the scheme doesn’t help graduates anymore most especially in area of finance.

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In Nigeria today, a corps member goes home with the sum of Twenty Thousand Naira (20,000) monthly which is a peanut to the rich and when you multiply this #20,000 by 12 months that a corps member will serve his/her father’s land, in a year, the federal government must have spent 240,000, then, plus the feeding in the camp and uniform provided to the corps member by the federal government, everything will be close to #300,000 or more.

President Buhari with the NYSC members

Now, my question to you Mr. President is, is it not better for your government to establish a policy that when you are done with First Degree Programme, walk to your Bank and cash the sum of #300,000 and start something for yourself instead of splitting the money over a period of 12months?

Mr. President, I believe you will touch lives positively if your government can establish a policy of that nature and thereby putting an end to NYSC scheme. Again, Mr. President I want to remind you that #20,000 is not enough for the corps members that is why most of them end up calling back home for more financial support. And even after the service to the nation, the corps members will be left with nothing and before you know what is happening, Crime Rate will begin to rise speedily which is not good for our society.

Again Mr. President, I got to know that you created N-power platform for the unemployed and your government will be paying them #30,000 monthly allowances for period of 24months that is 2years. If you multiply #30,000 Naira by 24 months you will have #720,000 (for a participant). If you ask me, I will suggest that you subject them (the selected candidates) for 2months training in area of their choice (to acquire Entrepreneurial Skills) and after a successful training, then, you can now pay each candidate the sum of Seven Hundred and Twenty Thousand Naira (720,000) to start their own respective business and by so doing Mr. President, you will be remembered for this and unemployment will be reduced drastically even though, the money is small but is something to start with.

Furthermore, if you are able to implement this Mr. President, trust me you will win the heart of Nigerians. Nigerians need money and Nigerians are hungry! Please, stop telling us that you are aware that Nigerians are hungry. We want to start seeing positive actions from you! And that is the only way you could get Nigerians on queue to stand for you.

Again, stop saying that Nigeria is broke! It affects the country and you can raise money by visiting all the former governors. Each of them should surrender at least one billion naira to your government to enable your government work effectively and efficiently towards affecting lives positively, mostly the unemployed.

Finally, Mr. President tell your foot soldiers in the three organs of government to stop going against Mavrodi Mondial Movement (MMM), I want you to know that MMM has touched lives positively to the extent that Crime Rate has reduced whether you like it or not and don’t be surprise that half of your cabinet members are MMM participants. I encourage you to support MMM in whatever way you and your government can. Thanks!

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