Sunday, 20/8/2017 | 5:09 UTC+0
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“I’m grateful for everybody that lent their voice when I lost mine” – 2Baba releases first video after #IStandWithNigeria Protests


2Baba has released his first video since the nationwide #IStandWithNigeria protests.

He said that he watched with tears in his eyes as Nigerians came out to spoke up in protest online and offline.

He said he was happy that Nigerians demonstrated that no one voice is louder than the other, celebrity or not.

He said that he watched as people called him a coward, but he’s happy that he’s “a coward that spoke up” and he’ll always continue to speak up.

He said he is happy that Nigerians, came out en masse to demand from the government that citizens deserve better lives. Click HERE to watch video



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