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Look at this unbelievable invention made by a local farmer (video)


After seeing the video of this local farmer, you will understand that being faced with challenges in some situations is a good thing.

Most of the people who invent things in the society have identified a pressing need that ought to be met. In this view, it is justifiable for us to say necessity is the mother of invention. Not everyone can afford to import machines or buy things that suit their needs.

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That is one of the reasons why people come up with things that will reduce their sufferings and make life easier for them. An unidentified local farmer has made a remarkable invention with the machine he made.

If you have to shell dried corn kernels from corn cobs, you will understand how tedious it is to get a basket of corn flour. And in places where farming is being done at the subsidized level, you will understand the effort put into this.

This local farmer has created a corn sheller that will help get the kernels easily without him worrying about the pains that will be inflicted on his palm afterwards. Watch the video below to see how effective this corn sheller is:

website maintenance and social media management



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