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Man narrates his extraordinarily ridiculous ordeal in the hands of police men

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A Nigerian tweeter, Mr_Svengall narrated his harrowing ordeal in the hands of the Nigerian Police.

He was minding his business, eating indomie at a popular mai suya in Ojuelegba after the close of work yesterday evening, when like a scene from an action movie, men of the force swooped on the Mai Suya, arrested him and his three hungry friends eating dinner and arrested them.

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What was their offence? They had the temerity not to eat in their houses.

What happened afterwards is so ridiculous and mind boggling that it left me wondering if there is hope for us as a country.

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Then succour comes, but it is a very ridiculous reason the give for the release


Mr Svengall continues to rake.

At this point, Officer in Charge, Complaint Response Unit (CRU) Mr Aayomi Shogunle has been notified of Mr Snengall’s predicament. He tweeted thus




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