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Mixed reactions trails France rejection of Biafra


Mixed reactions have trailed a statement credited to the France ambassador to Nigeria, Denys Gauer who said that there is no future for the achievement of Biafra.

Gauer told the Guardian, that his home country would not in anyway work with any group agitating for the division of the nation.

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He said France was working with Nigeria and supporting it as a country.

“We are working with Nigeria and we are supporting it as the only country.

“This is absolutely clear and I don’t think there is any kind of future for Biafra. They are part of Nigeria and Nigeria has to remain as the only country.”

Mixed reactions trails France rejection of Biafra

Ths statement is coming as a big blow to Biafra agitators especially members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) and the Movement for the Actualisation of a Sovereign State Of Biafra (MASSOB)

considering that France supported Biafra during the civil.

Nigerians took to social media to express their opinion concerning the new development.

While some declared this as the end of the Biafra agitation, staunch Biafra supporters insisted that I will not deter them from their goal.

Read some of the reactions below:

Chukwuemeka Uyo: I think the destiny of this country lies on the shoulders of the subjugated poor masses ,they should be allowed to decide their future by a well conducted referendum like it was done in the UK, monitored by a neutral international body. The Northern Oligarchy together some international opportunists and their conspirators from the East, west and south have killed this country, but the will only deceive the gullible masses with their criminal slogan of ‘one Nigeria’ . Claiming she is only slightly indisposed when she is actually dead. On Biafra Stand.

Richard Egbedi: It is never the interest of the West to see us rise as a people. Never! This is why they amalgamated the illiterate, violent, religious and docile North with the literate, non violent, religious and scientific South to weaken the advancement and prosperity of the South. They are afraid of us.

Usman Adam: This shows that Biafra is dead. France that supported them during the Biafra war has turned its back against them. Goodbye Biafra

Godwin Udoh: Pls my follow country men and women, Naija does not need breakup, all what we need is true federalism and restructuring, USA practise true and restructuring that is why u see development in USA, Naija govt should do d same, and u wil see development everywhere.

Ibidapo Odunubi: If Nigeria must remain, let true federalism take a full course. Resource control. Someone can’t come from another region and keep mining what belongs to them while they impoverish them. Let all regions have autonomy and develop at there own pace

Abdul Rasheed: Indigbo should stop this stupid agitation, if you travel round Nigeria, no single ethnic group enjoy Nigeria like Igbos.

If they don’t thank God for that then let them roll out the Guns like KANU said. Nigeria is waiting.

Umar Mohd D: That’s how biafrans will end up losing their demand for biafra state let’s not allow history repeats itself which i’m sure would be worst than that of boko haram if u are not care for ur lives care for the others

Efcc Zauro Mujitaba: Even their god fathers have started denying them? Abeg lets wait and hear from Nnamdi cownu first.

Abubakar Muhammad: Hmmm… Honestly both igbos Hausas nd yorubas contributed alot in this country as we’re all Nigerians but we’re having a various political parties nd each party belongs to all Nigerians such as PDP, APC, APGA, PDM etc. So an igbo man can become a president under flag APC or any political party in this country, even yoruba nd hausa too…

The Most important thing is for us to forget about any differences come together, stick with each other and make sure that we move our country forward.

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