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New facts emerge on Senate’s attempt to impeach President Buhari


The comment by the Senate’s spokesperson, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, that the red chamber did not attempt to impeach President Buhari may have been false.

Abdullahi who was reacting to the All Progressives Congress (APC) stance that the purported move was a huge joke, described the reports as ”not genuine.” 

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He went on to describe the reports as as a “piece of fabrication which is only the figment of the imagination of the writers and their sponsors.”

Checks by Premium Times however revealed that some senators loyal to Senate President, Bukola Saraki made a move to discuss impeachment at the executive session.

At least six senators who attended the session, confirmed that impeachment was discussed at the meeting. According to the report, those interviewed include those in support of  Saraki, and those opposed to him.

The senators who made the revelation however requested to be anonymous as it is against Senate riles to discuss matters held behind close doors with journalists or any other person.

One of the senators interviewed fingered former deputy governor of Abia state, Eyinnaya Abaribe  as the arrow-head of the move.  “It is time to go for the President’s jugular,”  Abaribe reportedly declared at the meeting.

Abaribe’s comment however elicited immediate reaction from senators opposed to Saraki. The senators who are also in support of President Buhari shouted “No, no. no.” in response to Abaribe’s comment.

Clarifying his statement, Abaribe said it had become clear that Buhari had no respect for the Senate and that the time had come for him to be impeached.

Speaking further, Abaribe opined that the president was encouraging his aides to disrespect the Senate, adding that the red chamber has to go for the president’s jugular (impeachment) or continue to seek reconciliation that he suggested would not work.

Abaribe’s comments however got validation from senators in support of Saraki as there was chorus of “yes, yes”, from them. The Senate thereafter descended into a rowdy session before Saraki calmed fraying nerves.

Saraki then told his colleagues that the issue on ground should not focus on Buhari’s impeachment, but the actions of  the Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Salami (SAN).

Saraki claimed that Malami  was being used to directly launch lethal offensives on the Senate, adding that the AGF should be subdued.

When contacted, Abaribe said: ”What is called executive session is meant to be private. If anybody comes out to reveal what is discussed, he should be bold enough to mention his name. If you tell me the name of the Senator that quoted me, I can comment.”

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