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Niger Delta group condemn quit notice issued to Yorubas, Hausas


The Niger Delta People’s Congress (NDPC) has sent a message of assurance to Igbos and Yorubas living in the Niger Delta region to disregard the quit notice issued to them by a group.

We had earlier reported that the Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators (CNDA) had issued a statement on Thursday, August 11 asking Yorubas and Igbos in the region to vacate before October 1.

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The Punch reports that the Chief Mike Loyibo who is the convener of NDPC spoke on Tuesday, August 15 where he said the quit notice issued by the militants did not represent the position of leaders from the Niger Delta.

He reiterated that the Niger Delta was in support of the unity of the country but said the government must review the rejection of devolution of power to the states.

He said the rejection has heated the polity of separation and that the government must review its move. Loyibo said: “The good people of the Niger Delta region have always been peace-loving and accommodating.

We see strengths and opportunities in diversity rather than divisions. ”The statement allegedly made by a Niger Delta militants’ group is not a true representation of our position.

We believe in one Nigeria where every citizen is free to live, visit or do business in any part of the country. Hate speeches will never take us anywhere. ”

Despite years of oppression, our region has remained resolute and committed to one Nigeria where justice, equity, and peace reign.

”The statement should be disregarded and all Nigerians should feel free in the Niger Delta region.” He also expressed disappointment at similar quit notice issued to Igbos by Hausas living in the north.

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