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Niger Delta group NDYC, rejects quit notice issued to Hausas, Yoruba’s by CNDA


A recent quit notice given to Hausas and Yorubas to leave the Niger Delta region before October 1, by the Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators (CNDA) has been rejected by the Niger Delta Youth Congress (NDYC).

According to reports, the group categorically separated themselves from the quit notice as they stated that it was aimed at inciting violence in the region and creating an atmosphere of hatred.

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notes that the NDYC’s stance was made known in a statement signed by its national coordinator Comrade Israel Uwejeyan. Uwejeyan stated that the CNDA had no authority to speak on behalf of the entire region.

The statement read: “The Niger Delta Youth Congress is a foremost non-violent youth organisation that seeks to address varied issues of inequality, injustices, social, economical and political challenges that affect the good people of the Niger Delta region, with the sole aim of strengthening and empowering the youths to play prominent role in addressing these challenges.

“We the Niger Delta Youth Congress, NDYC, totally condemn in strong terms, the quit notice issued by the Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators to Northerners and Yoruba’s from the region before October 1, 2017.

“We dissociate ourselves and well-meaning youths in the region from these traitors who are out to cause disaffection, hate and violence in the region.

“We are peace loving young people and believe in the unity of our great country, and refuse and reject to be cajoled by such self-centered and faceless groups.

“The so-called CNDA and their sponsors are not speaking for and cannot speak on behalf of the good people of the Niger Delta region.

“We sincerely urge all Northerners and Yorubas in the region to ignore the quit notice and go about their legitimate activities without fear and report any form of threats by any miscreant to the relevant authorities.

“We will ensure you are protected from all forms of harassment and violence.” However, the group expressed annoyance with the federal government for not acting quickly to stop the spread of hate speech.

The statement read further: “We also want to vehemently express our dissatisfaction to the government and security operatives on their nonchalant and lackadaisical response to issues that should be nipped at the bud.

“We strongly believe in the peace and unity of this Nation and we urge all youths in the various regions to shun hate statements capable of causing chaos and align in the struggle for a better and well-structured Nigeria.

“We shall soon embark on enlightenment on how to disabuse the minds of young people on accepting hate speeches in the Niger Delta region.

“We are resolute on the call for restructuring and urge all well-meaning groups and individuals in the region to stick to the call for the restructuring of the Nation’s current political arrangements and desist from making senseless agitation that would breed violence.”

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