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Police demote sergeant for extortion


Police authorities have demoted a sergeant serving in the Federal Capital Territory Police Command for extorting N70,000 from a car dealer, Idim Bassey.

Sergeant Alex (surname withheld) was demoted to the rank of corporal after he was investigated by the Public Complaints Rapid Response Unit and found to have committed the crime in March, 2016.

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The officer in-charge of the PCRRU, Abayomi Shogunle, stated on Thursday that the money was recovered from Alex and returned to Bassey.

The auto dealer however said only N20, 000 was given to him by the police, but Shogunle in his reaction said the brief he got was that the whole amount was recovered and given to Bassey.

“I will find out what happened, why the whole amount was not given to the complainant,” he assured.

The policeman had extorted Bassey over a business deal he had with his friend which went awry.

The indicted sergeant and his colleague seized Bassey’s Toyota Camry car and demanded N150, 000, but the car dealer was forced to cough N70,000 before they released the car.

The policemen asked him to make an ATM transfer of N50,000 in two installments to a bank account provided by Alex and they also got N20,000 cash from their victim.

Bassey tendered the transfer receipt from Diamond Bank Plc dated March 8, 2016 to prove his allegation.

Shogunle explained that eight other officers received varying degree of sanctions due to complaints made to the unit in the last quarter of 2016.

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