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President Buhari is ready to ask these four ministers to go, see why


It took President Muhammadu Buhari about six months to appoint his cabinet of ministers.

While some Nigerians complained, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) advised the residents to be patient saying that the president wanted to get his selection of ministers right.

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However, months after the ministers resumed duties in their respective portfolios, Nigerians are yet to feel the impact of their reign.

Below is the list of the ministers in their different ministries and what might make President Buhari to have second thought on their performance:

1. Babatunde Fashola

When the president handed the portfolio of three key ministries to Mr Fashola on November 11, 2015, it was an evidence of Buhari’s faith in the immediate past governor of Lagos state.

Fashola is believed to be the one of the best governors that has presided over Lagos state, particularly because of his achievements in revamping the infrastructure in Nigeria’s commercial capital.

The minister appears over-powered due to the ‘giant’ ministries allotted to him by the leader of the nation.

Since his assumption as the minister, it seems the glory of the Lagos born Senior Advocate of Nigeria is gradually fading away.

President Buhari needs to help Minister Fashola offload some of the loads on his head to give room for optimal performance and long life.

2. Usani Uguru

Minister of Niger Delta Affairs has not been very active following the increase on the oil and gas installations in the oil-rich region.

It seems that President Buhari not only needs a useful minister in this ministry but someone that can talk down the Niger Delta militants and a closer person to this region.

3. Lai Mohammed

The minister of information seems to refuse to move on from the days of political campaigns.

Many Nigerians see his public comments as dent the public image of the Buhari administration. Mr Mohammed speaks on every issue, even though he does not have the right information, he would always speak.

He has continued to blame the previous government for all the failures. Many believe the former spokesman of the APC would be more productive if he returns as the spokesman of his party.

4. Rotimi Amaechi

Recently President Buhari has commissioned Abuja Kaduna railway project.

The project was commenced by the Goodluck Jonathan led administration and completed by Buhari’s government.

While the president commended Chief Amaechi for the job well done, some other Nigerians blast the minister for reaping the benefits of Jonathan’a work.

There were also indications that Buhari is under pressure from the foreign community to sack his minister of transport following his indictment for corruption.

Amaechi is one of the most controversial ministers in Buhari’s cabinet.

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