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REVEALED! 8 minor civil wars that are causing Nigeria not to progress


Nigeria has a very dynamic political system and the way things operate within the nation are often totally different from what is obtainable not only in Africa, but the world at large.

There are some little rifts within Nigeria that have had major effects on the progress of Nigeria.

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It is easy to overlook some of the minor wars fought within the country, but if one takes a closer look, then he or she will see how deep this misunderstanding run.

Below are some of the minor wars militating against progress in the country, even at this very moment in her history.

1. The Presidency vs the Senate

REVEALED! 8 minor civil wars that are causing Nigeria not to progress

One does not need a sorcerers eye to see that there is friction between the Nigerian Senate and the presidency.

If anyone needs proof, then maybe the ongoing Magu confusion will help set things in perspective.

The Senate has great power and the present leadership of the parliament is not afraid to wield the power to the uttermost.

Hpwever, if such friction continues to exist between the legislature and the executive, then you can be sure that certain bills will take longer time to be passed, and such a thing can cause a lag in the nation’s desired growth.

2. The APC vs PDP

This war is a very big one and the reason is very simple, these two are the biggest parties in Nigeria at present. However, the ideologies behind their operation are the moment are questionable.

There are some who believe that all the ruling party and the opposition are working on, is how to oust each other fromn power, and this is not really as to give the people a better deal.

REVEALED! 8 minor civil wars that are causing Nigeria not to progress

Those of this school of though, hold the idea that this two parties will only attempt to present candidates that can win the peoples votes, depending on where the zoning needle points.

The truth remains that the leadership of this nation would continue to depend on who this parties present, only a few leaders will stem from other parties, hence, if the nation has progressed or retrogressed within the last 16 years at least, can be blamed on the activities of these two political parties.

3. Sherrif’s PDP vs Markafi’s PDP

The crisesn within the PDP gives a close observer very great concern, and this is because there is no trace of true opposition at the moment, except for the constant plaguing done by Governor Ayodele Fayose, but that tree will never be a forest.

REVEALED! 8 minor civil wars that are causing Nigeria not to progress

If there then is no opposition, who will keep the ruling party in check, who will keep them always on their toes as to deliver the promoises made to the mases?

4. Boko Haram vs The FG

For years now the nation has had to battle these sect and the victories recorded seem to have almost Pyrrhic. In that Nigeria has lost too much to these war, so many killed and many more displaced.

This war has cost the nation so muh resources and it is still causing more. If there is one factor that could be blamed for stagnancy within the northeast especially, it won’t be out of place to blame it on insurgency.

The army says the war is almost over, but the sect keeps replying with human-bomb attacks. We can only hope that when this war is over, we will not have lost much more than we have won.

5. Niger Delta Militants vs The FG

The activities of the Niger Delta militants have for too long been a major issue as regards the economic growth of the nation.

REVEALED! 8 minor civil wars that are causing Nigeria not to progress

With kidnapping and vandalism, Nigeria at some point was almost crippled.

The Buhari-led government is doing a lot to see if it can reach out to the people of the embattled region, because though diversification is fast becoming the sermon, still the nation really needs all it can get from the trading of crude, till we can really say that the economy has perfectly been diversified.


One of the greatest headache for the present government is the push for the actualization of Biafra. How does one get a nation that is divided against itself to stand?

The government is saddled with the responsibilty of rekindling again, the Biafra agitators’ love for Nigeria, a very heculian task.

Of course, there is way the nation can progress, if some people are bitter and are constantly threatening to leave.

7. Presidency vs Judiciary

The judiciary stands the risk of being labelled corrupt and the antigraft war which is the dominant theme of the Buhari governemnt, has exposed alot about the Nigerian judiciary.

There are cases of bribery and there are other cases of delayed cases in the courts. How can a government that is poised to rid the nation of corruption be successful, if justice can no longer be obtained from the courts?

8. Fulani herdsmen vs The Nation

This is fast turning into an issue that might go out of hand if precise actions and decisions are not taken.

In a state like Benue, the clashes are between the farmers and the headsmen, a situation such as this could rob the nation of most needed food supply.

There is so much that Nigeria stands to loose if the activities of herdsmen are not put to check, not forgetting that even the herdsmen who have become obnoxious to many, add a great value to the growth and progress of the nation.

Everyone is important, if Nigeria as a nation must grow to the height due it, as Africa’s most populous nation.

It is then advisable that everyone must put aside ego and any selfish interests when that which affects the nation becomes the subject matter. It is in doing this that our nation can reach its full potential.

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