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Sad! Lady who wedded in 2016 and foresaw her death in January 2017 finally DIES (photos)


– Irene Chris walked down the aisle in August 2016 with her beloved husband Chris Mwangi

– In January, Irene wrote on social media that she was headed to heaven and asked people to send greetings

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– Four months later, the beautiful woman is no more and her friends have realised that she had a premonition of her death

Have it ever struck you that you will know when your time to die comes? Have you ever thought that maybe you will be leaving hints all over social media?

Irene Chris, the wife to Chris Mwangi had a vision of her death. She even posted clues of the same online, only that no one noticed.

Irene’s wedding was in August, 2016 and was attended by close friends and family.

In an update posted in January 2017, months after her wedding, Irene asked her friends to send greetings because she was going to heaven.

Scores of her friends online rebuked her and told her to pull the update down and to refrain from speaking of her death.

A good majority rubbished it off as an attention seeking gimmick, a sick joke, meanwhile, in another update, she said that she was remembering people close to her who had already passed on.

Irene and her husband during their wedding in 2016

Yet, no one pieced the string of updates together, that the girl was ‘bidding them goodbye’.

She was buried at her husband’s home at Wanyororo, Lanet in Nakuru county, Kenya, on Thursday, May 25.

She left her husband and their 2-weeks-old baby behind.

See more pictures of the deceased at her wedding:

Irene may have known she was going to die judging from a post she made on Facebook earlier

RIP to her!

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