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SO SAD: How government and Nollywood actors abandoned ailing veteran (photos)


– Prince James Uche has been very sick and incapacitated for some years now

– He is currently hospitalised in God’s Power Hospital in Festac, 321 road, B close Lagos due to kidney related ailment

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– Actor, Emeka Torino Ojukwu, who has been managing ailing actor has shared update on him

Nollywood Producer and Actor, Emeka Torino Ojukwu, who has been managing ailing actor, Prince James Uche has giving an update on the state of the actor who has a kidney disease.

According to Ojukwu, the Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme, Prof Usman Yusuf, Senators from Abia state and others, including AGN President Emeka Ike and Nollywood actors have frustrated moves to help the ailing actor get adequate medical care. According to Ojukwu, the actor has stopped receiving donations and only does his dialysis twice a week now due to lack of funds.

When LIB asked on update on the ailing actor, Prince James Uche’s health, Emeka said, There is no update on the ailing actor, for now, other than that we have stopped receiving donations. The little money we have now is being used to manage him; like pay part of his hospital bill, going for Dialysis, getting him his injections and all. There is this supplement we give him almost every day, so he is taking it in the hospital. We gave the doctor almost N370.000. We took him for dialysis, bought all his drugs but for now there is no donation coming in anymore.”

Nollywood actor James Uche.

On Desmond Elliot’s social media campaign to help raise funds for Prince James,  he said, Desmond came to visit him in the hospital last year, and tried to reach out to his colleagues for help, but nothing came in. I now took a picture of Prince Uche and sent it to him to help raise funds, about 2 months ago which he did but nothing came in.”

Read full interview here.

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