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Society Organisations of Nigeria backs Magu after Senate’s rejection


– The rejection of Ibrahim Magu’s nomination by the Nigerian Senate is still a trending topic in Nigeria

– The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) boss was rejected for the second time by the red chamber

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– The Forum of Civil Society Organizations of Nigeria has thrown its weight behind the EFCC boss

The Forum of Civil Society Organizations of Nigeria has backed the EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Magu after he was rejected by the Nigerian Senate for the second time.

Society Organisations in Nigeria backs Magu after Senate's rejection

Magu gets support from the Forum of Civil Society Organizations of Nigeria

Rising from an extraordinary emergency meeting of its National Co-Coordinating Council, p

The forum also noted that the overwhelming majority of the senators who spearheaded the assault on Magu are under various stages of investigation for acts which verge on criminality and corruption.

The group said in a statement: ”The Senate obviously relying on an obsolete, recycled and unsubstantiated report by the Directorate of Sate Security Services (DSS), went after the EFCC boss, who has since assumption of office taken the President Muhammadu Buhari anti-corruption campaign to the next level.

”The public lynching of a genuinely motivated public officer who has given his all to cleansing the Nigerian augean stables to effectuate in a more stable polity is tantamount to an attack on the person and personality of the occupant of the high office of the president of the republic.

”The misguided and ill-motivated diversionary attacks against the presidency must stop given that the three coordinate organs of government taken together, constitute one integral system.

”We strongly advice that the APC federal administration must avoid the path of self-destruction. We ask that the distinguished presiding officer of the Senate should ensure that the right thing is done.”

Society Organisations in Nigeria backs Magu after Senate's rejection

The Senate has rejected the nomination of the EFCC boss twice

The statement signed by the group’s chairman Comrade Friday Maduka stated that Magu deserves visionary treatment and not rejection.

”We are not unmindful of the fact that Magu was given a clean bill of health by the presidency which has cabinet responsibility over the various extra ministerial departments of government

”Given that the tail cannot wag the dog, we strongly advice that having evaluated the DSS report and having given Magu a clean bill of health before, it was improper to re-submit the same report again in a manner which is tantamount to a witch hunt,” the group said.

Society Organisations in Nigeria backs Magu after Senate's rejection

President Buhari is yet to officially speak on the issue

They hailed the achievements of the EFCC boss, adding that he personifies the determination by the Buhari administration to lay concrete psychological foundations for a stable and durable federal democratic polity.

Admitting that the Senate has the right to wield their formidable powers of oversight over functionaries of the executive arm of government, the group however stated that Magu should be confirmed and allowed to continue the good work which he has started/

The group threatened to shut down the Senate on Thursday, March 23 and remain there indifinitely until Magu is confirmed.

”We shall without further recourse to the Senate, mobilize the teeming millions of Nigerians from across the social strata of society to shut down the Senate which should be the Peoples’ Senate and not one which is beholden to parochial self- serving interests.

”On the pain of repetition we seriously warn that if our well informed plea is not taken seriously, we shall be marching on the National Assembly on the March 23 and we shall remain there indefinitely until justice is manifestly seen to be done,” the group warned.

Meanwhile, there are reports that President Buhari will re-nominate Magu as chairman of the EFCC for the third time.

Sources said the president was ready to stand by Magu based on the suggestion of his advisers who indicated that doing otherwise would be tantamount to backing down in his anti-corruption fight.

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