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Spiritual forces killed three men inside Onitsha well [PHOTOS]


Three men reportedly died inside a well at Hanik Street, Trans Nkisi Federal Housing area of Onitsha in Anambra State.

It was reported that the first man, who was hired to dig a well deeper in order to get to water mistakenly slipped and fell into the well while getting into the well on Monday.well1

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In a bid to save him, his relative, 32-year-old Usai, jumped into the well but also died in the process.

The third victim was said to have tied a rope around his waist before jumping into the well to rescue the two men already inside but quickly climbed out with bruises and told the people that forces inside the well beat him up and gave him bruises.well2

The fourth person who was said to have demanded N100,000 to rescue the men, claiming he had black power also died inside the well.

According to the report, corpses of the three men were later retrieved from the well on Tuesday after sacrifice of ram and a cock was sent to a native doctor.well3

The Vice Chairman, Nigerian Red Cross, Anambra state, Peter Katchy told reporters at the scene of the incident, “We don’t know the cause of their death yet, whether it was a gaseous substance that killed them or not. So we call for more investigation to unravel the mystery.”well4

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