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  • wole-soyinka-cry
    Nigerians Attack Soyinka for Controversial Comments

    A former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, and other Nigerians have criticised Wole Soyinka, a day after the Nobel laureate disparaged some Nigerians on social media as meddlesome “slugs” and “millipedes.” Mr. Omokri said Nigerians were not eager to let the professor off the hook because he’s prominent for his criticism of people and, therefore, lacked

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  • Obama
    President Obama Is Handing a Strong Economy to His Successor

    Departing occupants of the White House rarely hand off an improving economy to a successor from the opposing party. When Barack Obama was waiting in the wings after the 2008 presidential election, for example, the economy was in a severe downward spiral: Employers reported cutting 533,000 jobs that November, the biggest monthly loss in a

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  • President-Muhammadu-Buhari1
    Buhari, Donald Trump to attend Chief Offor’s burial

    – President Buhari and Trump are expected to attend the burial of Chief Bennett Offor – The son of the deceased warned criminals to stay clear of the burial town – He promised that dignitaries from all over the world would attend President Muhammadu Buhari and the US president-elect, Donald Trump would have a chance

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  • Donald Trump
    6 ways Donald Trump presidency will affect Nigerians living in US

    At the start of the United States election when it was clear that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had secured their parties’ nomination. It was clear from the beginning that many Nigerians both at home and Diaspora had favoured a Clinton win. Nigerians have always leaned toward Democratic Party. They rooted for Clinton both on

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