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  • Naira, Dollar
    Currency trading at N325 per dollar on parallel market [March 15, 2016]

    The Naira maintained its momentum from last week on the parallel market, trading at N325 to the dollar for buyers. The speculative trend of the currency seems to remain as it keeps fluctuating, even though pressure on the currency has eased considerably. Today, the Naira continued to trade at the same N325/dollar, which it traded

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  • naIRA
    The devaluation of the Naira: what experts say

    By now, everyone must have heard or read the article on the Economist titled ‘Crude Tactics‘. The article focuses on the current situation in Nigeria and the stand of the President. It has caused an uproar, so let’s talk about the devaluation of the Naira and the hike in prices which have been affecting our daily

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