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The Daura sons are not ruling by proxy – President’s cousin


A cousin to President Muhammadu Buhari and the official spokesman for the family, Malam Adnan Na-Habu, has dismissed reports of a Daura cabal in Aso Rock.

Adnan Na-Habu, speaking to the Sun in an interview published on Thursday, May 4, stated reports that the president’s relations were running the presidency by proxy was untrue.

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He faulted the suggestion that a Daura cabal was exerting control over President Muhammadu Buhari.

Buhari’s a kinsman, Mamman Daura and Lawal Daura, have been reported to wield near-absolute power and authority over the president.

But Adnan Na-Habu has disagreed with such narrative. According to the president’s cousin:

“I read in the social media severally on allegations against these two innocent gently men- Malam Lawal Daura and Malam Mamman Daura.

To start with, I am not only providing defense for these two Daura sons, but to tell the truth of what is happening there in the Villa. You see, Lawal Daura is a professional detective and he has been in the state security throughout his life. He put in many years in service and he retired.

In fact he garnered all the experience required to manage that place. By law, it is at the discretion of the President to bring anybody he wishes if that person can make an impact, in line with government mission and vision, to work for him.

In translating these things therefore, people should understand that Lawal Daura is not just handpicked and put there. In fact, nobody in the security circle that does not know Lawal Daura.

Having said that, he is doing his work and so people should understand this. I believe he is not doing anything outside his work. The fact that he is from Daura, is not be the issue, he is a Nigerian and possess all it takes to do the job.”

Speaking on Mallam Mamman Daura, Buhari’s nephew, Adnan Na-Habu said people should understand that when someone is in a position of authority, he needs to have people he trusts and can advice him.

He explained that it was the tradition for Nigerian leaders to have official and unofficial advisers. Adnan Na-Habu said: “You cannot tell me that there is any leader in Nigeria who does not have these advisers?

But I don’t know why Malam Mamman Daura stands out. Malam Mamman Daura has been a retired Civil servant and a business man all his life. He worked with New Nigerian Newspapers and rose to the rank of Managing Director, and later retired and established his business which is doing very well.

He is a Chairman of Many Private and Public companies. Malam Mamman Daura, as a veteran Journalist, knows a lot about Nigerian politics.

So by virtue of that he has all the requisite experience to advice someone. Having said that Mamman Daura is not officially appointed as an adviser, in other words, he is not an official of this government; I don’t see reason people should always pick on the gentle man.

Is it because of truthfulness, sincerity and honesty? Or Is it because of his intimacy with Mr. President? Let us be very fair to him and Mr. President.

Malam Mamman has never interfered in the affairs of anybody in this government. Malam Mamman is a Nephew (son of the President eldest brother) to Mr. President and they grew up together, though he is older than President Muhammadu Buhari, and they share many things in common.

If there is anybody with evidence that can proof to me that Mallam Mamman Daura did something wrong in this government, let him bring it forward. It is not a reality and it is even difficult to throw away your relations or childhood friends just because you are a President or a governor. What kind of attitude is that?”

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