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These tips will help you deal with evil neighbours


It is quite unfortunate that some people don’t take their neighbours’ respect into consideration in what they do, despite that they are supposed to be their brothers’ keepers. Alas, the more you try to stay away from these people, the more they invade your privacy. They are sometimes called evil neighbour!!

An evil neighbour according to my understanding is someone who is unhappy with your progress and transition in life. They’re always plotting one form of ominous game or the other. They always want to be one step ahead of you. They’re mischievous! Based on my experience in life, these are 10 ways to spot an evil neighbour in order to know how to deal with them

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1. They’re trouble makers

These kinds of neighbours are always up to something. They like to set you up so as to upset you. Greeting them is trouble, offering to assist them for something is trouble, if you mistakenly pour water on the floor is trouble.

They’re constantly finding reasons to engage you in vulgar languages. They’re troublesome, their wives are troublesome and their children aren’t left out too – families of trouble makers.

They won’t give you peace of mind. You’re always stressed up and unhappy because you don’t know what next to expect from them: always surprising you with trouble. Since you know the kind of people they are, stay away from them.

2. They don’t want to see you progress

There are three sets of people in this world: people who’re below the poverty line, those who’re in the middle and those who’re above. If you’re progressing in life, be careful because you might be looking for an evil neighbour’s attention.

They’re uncomfortable when you’re ahead of them. It’s either you’re at their level or below. How dare you, bold enough to outshine them? They’ve inferiority complex and one of those symptoms is the urge to see you in the poverty domain. To overcome their inferiority complex, do the best you can to stay ahead. Don’t bother about their immature attitudes.

3. They’re always visiting herbalist

The signs you notice if they’re friends with herbalist is when you always spot one fetish items or the other around your vicinity or household. At dusk, they’d have placed one fetish clay-pot beside your door.

There’s an animal horn hanging somewhere or blood sprinkled around your house. They’re found of chanting strange-diabolical incantations either in the morning or evening. Don’t confront them about the things you see. Vacate the house and look for somewhere else.

4. They’re negative people

Anything that comes out of their mouth is negative. They emit a pessimistic aura around their surroundings, polluting the minds of their neighbours. They are fond of too much complaint. Any problems they’ve is met with pessimism. And if they continue with this attitude, it might consume your household. Avoid them as much as you can. Their behaviour is infectious. Ignore their ranting and complaints.

5. They love to see you suffer

Anytime you’re in pain or distress that’s when they rejoice. Your pain is their joy. When you’re sick, they rejoice, when you lack money, they rejoice. When you’re down and out, they rejoice. This is how to counter them: stay positive. Stay strong and pretend all is well and good.

6. They’re restless

Evil neighbours are the restless bunch. Their body language is always vibrating with discomforts. For instant, when you buy a car, watch their body language: they’re found of hissing, looking down at you (their eyes rolling sideways).

They like to avoid you so that they don’t have to congratulate you. If you buy a brand new car, don’t even try to park it in their compound i.e. if you’re a tenant and you happened to meet such person who’s your landlord. Or if you buy a new shirt, spread it on a line; trouble. What you do is their business. Leave them with their behaviour. They’re hurting themselves by being envious of you.

7. They’re pretenders

They pretend to like you, that’s because they want something from you. Evil people might be singing your praise in front of you but are destroying you behind your back; it’s like a rat clawing your skin with his incisors while you’re asleep and at the same time cooling it off with his mouth.

This is the most dangerous habit they can possess. A proverb put it more aptly, “the devil you don’t know is better than the friend you know.” They eat your food, drink your water, use your belongings but never you trust them. They can strike you when you least expect it. Avoid them as best as you can.

8. They love to compete

These people know how to complete. You buy a car, they’ll buy a car, you marry a wife, and they’ll marry a wife. You buy or built a house, they’ll do the same. Anything you do is an invitation for competition. They’re the masters of competition. You can’t outwit them, not in this world. Never!

According to one popular businessman who bought aeroplane years back, he was asked by a reporter, “Sir, you bought an airplane, what next?” Instead of him to respond to the question, he went ahead to vex his anger against his enemies, “I bought a car; they bought a car, I bought a house; they bought a house, hen na (spreading his arms wide) I’ve bought and aeroplane, they should go and buy their own.” Don’t compete with them or you might just be wasting your precious time and energy.

9. They love to mock you

This one is very annoying. Anytime they’re beside you, they’re found of singing annoying and rubbish song like: “Lord, Lord oh, destroy my enemies oh, hmm, Jesus, let my enemies not better than me oh. Thank you for giving me money (they’ll pull a 500 naira note from their pocket and wave it in front of you), Lord, very, very soon I’ll leave this place for my enemies oh . . .”

Don’t dance to their tones. Be yourself and be real.

10. They don’t fear God

These evil people are ungodly. Love isn’t on their agenda. They love evil and abhor good. This should be the time to commit yourself and your family to God. This is the time to trust God for His protection because He alone can protect you and your family against evil. May your evil enemies stay 500 feet from you in Jesus name. Amen!

website maintenance and social media management



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