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Tips on health & lifestyle


This is the last of the tips for managing yourselves in 2017. I have noticed that as a people we tend to take our health for granted. In this respect men are guiltier than women. Men tend to overlook symptoms and ignore doctors until it becomes worrisome.  In 2017, this must change for everyone. There are health checks related to all ages that we must take into cognisance. Prostate cancer check, at 45 for all men, mammograms for women between 45-74 every year, immunisation checks for children, sex education for young persons. These health checks and others must be religiously adhered to so whatever is creeping up on us health wise is addressed promptly.  Other lifestyle changes are critical for a healthier 2017.  They include


website maintenance and social media management
  1. a)Excessive alcohol intake:This is a health challenge which affects both men and women. The value of alcohol is temporary pleasure and excessive intake leads to major organ failures and makes the alcoholic a social pariah and an embarrassment to their families. First things first. If you were told that alcohol is good for you, watch out! Alcohol processing has never agreed with the human body function. Don’t start what might kill you. An alcoholic is not a pretty sight. Often times you are deceived that it helps you forget your sorrow. But as we all know, no matter how drunk you are, you would return to reality and the problems still stare you in the face. Alcoholics often start very young and it grows with them until they are adults and as they grow older it becomes habit forming and addictive and this can lead to social and family upheavals and in many cases death. What to do? It’s time to clean up if you are in the doldrums, it’s time to regulate your alcohol consumption, it is time not to be in denial. Quickly seek help if you think you are getting addicted. A brand new year and a brand new you. Drink responsibly. And really if you must, only socially.


  1. b)Stress-bursting:Is it not time for you to take a break? Lie on your back and lounge from time to time. You are 40, 30 and you are packing in so much. If you do not rest, you are dead meat. You are 50-60 and you think you are Tarzan. Get your feet off the ground and do absolutely nothing or something pleasurable. A holiday, time off, the ability to do nothing is good, very good for you. If you need help, please visit a patient who has suffered a stroke and see what stress and excessive worrying can do. Its hard not to worry but we all need to find coping skills to keep it at bay and manage it better. Stay stress free, learn to cook, its cathartic, learn to paint, its a stress reliever. Get fresh air, take a walk in a garden or a park. Visit an old friend, have a picnic with friends and family. Sit by the sea. A body of water is very calming. Do it once in a while. Also don’t forget to pray.


  1. c)Diet:What you eat is who you are. Lots of vegetables, lots of fruits, a balanced diet, less fried food, less oil. More seeds and nuts, less pastry, more water, more water, more water. Avoid anything in your youth that would affect your health going forward i.e. partying hard. Watch how you stay on that phone, IPAD, Computer, the whole day. You need screeners to protect your eyes and stave off computer induced headaches. As you grow older, check your diet, slow down but still be active, exercise, eat right. A healthy and happy 2017 to you all.



2017 should be your year of definition. It should not be a year when you are second guessing yourself. When you choose that your confidence is not that high up. This is not the year when you should dress half your age. You are going on 60 and you are still wearing multi coloured jeans (Men & Women). You are going on 30 and still sagging (Men). This is a year of being responsible so you can be taken seriously. If you are a woman, this should not be your year of nudity. No matter what you do, once you turn 60 avoid the minis. Leggings that show all body parts is completely unacceptable no matter your age. Find a make-up artist so you don’t look like Dracula in 2017. Beg a friend who wears her make up well to help you. This is not the year of bad hair days. If your hair has cockroaches in it, wear a turban! Upgrade your fashion sense. Learn some etiquette. Man or woman, do not walk into a party addressing your grandmother in the loudest voice on the phone. If you are in a gathering and must take a call, step outside and make the call. Nobody wants to know when your container is arriving. Wear appropriate clothing to relevant events. “Shine shine” is not for day time. Watch that gloss. Overdone is unacceptable in 2017. For all men above 30, punk is no longer in vogue, please!!!


Have a great 2017 and keep your fashion sense simple.

website maintenance and social media management



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