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Too Extreme? Man deprives wife of sex as correction for bad behavior


A man named Saheed Asimiyu, has admitted to starving his wife, Sherifat Asimiyu, of sex for failing to heed to his warnings about associating with bad company.

Sherifat on her part has requested Ibadan Customary Court, Agodi, to dissolve the marriage as she could no longer endure a marriage without sexual intercourse.

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She alleged that her husband also bites and beats her anytime they have minor misunderstanding.

“There is no doubt about his ability to provide food, money and other material things for me and the two children of the union but I am not satisfied with all these without sex.

“He abandoned me deliberately, I cannot take it anymore because I am still young and I see no reason for his action.

“To make the issue worst, he was in the habit of beating and biting me whenever we have misunderstanding over minor issues,” she said.

The president of the court, Chief Mukaila Balogun, granted the complainant’s request for divorce, asking the defendant to pay a monthly sum of N6,000 to Sherifat for the upkeep of their children.

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