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We Are All Biafrans By OurMumuDonDo Movement


In Nigeria today, the Devil is having a garage sale, he has got bills to pay. He has collected the soul of many Nigerian youths, stuffed them in various holes, waiting to trade them away to evil, cold and callous leaders dangling hope and causing confusion as they steal our future. The Evil One keeps sucking the life out of our millennial generation, using and abusing them so the rich can feed fat.

The surrounding socio-economic circumstance has suggested that the country is dangerously tethering on the abyss of economic destruction and aggravating political stagnation. Characterized by an unprecedented rate of inflation, unemployment and mindboggling poverty; young people and the mass of the downtrodden have become illegitimate victims of the hysterical social disorder.

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Most Nigerian youths have now become zombies; futureless, clueless, stripped of their personal worth and greatness as politicians continue to turn them against one another, easily converting them into political thugs since they deprived them of jobs and any means of livelihood.

The youths are at a delicate crossroad as they have found themselves victims of economic battering, and their parents grappling with survival. Food has become an unaffordable luxury. The devil has infiltrated religious institutions, stripped it of its peculiar veil of holiness, and depleted it to money transactions.  Violence, terrorism, crimes, hooliganism, gangsterism, drums of secession and hate messages are mere reflections of an economic structure that is rigged against the poor Nigerian peoples. It is a confirmation that nature abhors a vacuum, such that, when you have a country that finds it amusing to deprive its citizens of basic necessities such as jobs, security, healthcare, quality and accessible education, etc., then, such nation should be prepared to pay with such political instability as we have it in Nigeria today. With nowhere to turn to, the youths now find solace in crime, terrorism, and every other social menace.

While millions of Nigerian masses are on a daily basis confronted with the horrors of starvation, unemployment, mass retrenchment, unpaid salaries and pensions; only about 17, 300 public officers earn over 1.1trillion Naira.  Sadly, several state governments owe their respective workers backlog of salaries despite receiving two tranches of the London Paris Club refund and several bailouts from the federal government.

So why won’t the likes of Nnamdi Kanu find very audible expression and a spacious room in the hearts of young minds? Since elected government and religious institutions have proved incapable of providing solutions and answers to the everyday crunches of the youths and all the downtrodden majority, it is only normal that people listen to someone providing something that looks like a solution even if it’s clothed in insanity or scornful ethnoreligious prejudice.

The Biafra agitation is a continuous banter of an economically and politically impoverished/marginalized section of Nigeria. But isn’t that the plight of every poor Nigerian in the country irrespective of their ethnic and religious affiliations? Even the fact that our political system is structured in a way that only a few Nigerians who had benefited from looted national largesse can contend critical elective position in the country is enough to rattle sane minds.

Beyond the face and ideological limitation of the leadership of the campaign, the Biafra dream in the minds of the average Igbo man is a country that works for everybody; a nation where its resources are used in the best interest of its people. It is a tall order and a lofty dream of a nation free from politico-economic marginalization. That is the hope of every poor Nigerian trapped in this hell hole called Nigeria. If this is the creed of the Biafra agitation, then it is safe to say that the term Biafra is more than just an appellation of a section of the Igbo; it is in the real sense a coined phenomenon that describes and reflects the unpalatable state and sufferings of the Nigerian poor people. It re-emphasizes that all poor Nigerians are in fact Biafra.

While we must all take exception to the indiscriminate militarization of the Southeast and the thoughtless attacks on members of IPOB by the military, we must also maintain that an Igbo secession is incapable of meeting the dreams and aspiration of the average Igbo man any more than a military action can enforce mechanical unity. The fact that Nnamdi Kanu has turned himself into another monument to be worshipped like a modern God has not only proven him as elitist and self-seeking but has also confirmed that he is just as self-serving as Nigerian politicians who brought this mess upon us in the first place. And the government must note that no amount of military action is capable of quashing a demand that has a socio-economic basis; if anything, it would only escalate the ethnic tension.

To this end, therefore, the OurMumuDonDo movement is convinced that only by social revolution through the ballots, mass movements, and barricades can we have a country that works for all irrespective of ethnic and religious differences. This is why we are calling on the energetic and frustrated Nigerian youths to stop agonizing on the sidelines and start organizing with the movement in the task of fighting for a better Nigeria that is free of all aforementioned socio-economic contradictions.

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